pr 13

Calle 13

Trabajo en bruto pero con orgullo, 
Aquí se comparte, lo mío es tuyo. 
Este pueblo no se ahoga con marullos, 
Y si se derrumba yo lo reconstruyo. 
Tampoco pestañeo cuando te miro, 
Para que te acuerdes de mi apellido. 
La operación cóndor invadiendo mi nido, 
¡Perdono pero nunca olvido! 

Calle 13

170411 ASTRO 아스트로 V Live Update

과연!! 명작의 행운아는??ㅎㅎ
글쓴이 엠카소

★★★★★★ 당첨자 ★★★★★★
엠카츄 par******
아로하선영 tjs*******

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Weekly Dev Report - 03/04/2017


Jalopy -  03:42:03

  • Bug fixes - 01:25:34
  • Fixing strange render issue - 02:16:29 -  31:04:43

  • Accounts - 02:59:12
  • Build Creation - 00:22:18
  • PR - 00:43:13
  • Rezzed - 27:00:00

External - 10:05:38

  • External - 10:05:38

Jalopy now has 2732 hours of development logged.

Apparently I’m down 10 hours on overall development hours, so either I goofed last week or Toggl has had a hiccup somewhere.

Anyway, last week was continued fixes for moving over to the new rendering solution. Also, the game was shown at Rezzed which is always nice to remind me how horribly broken the tutorial can get (got some fixes in for that now though).

Turkey is taking a long time because of these 3 reasons:

1) I’m adding the ability to drive back through previous countries. This requires these countries to be rebuild to support this (signage, spawning, border crossings, vistas, etc). Also this requires some game logic changes to handle it all.

2) Unity’s shitty support nearly killed the project. I’ve had to rebuild entire assets due to removing shaders and changing how the renderer works. This is slow painful work, I know you are all fed up of waiting but believe me, I’m fed up of having to waste my time on this shit.

3) It’s Expo season. So I’ve had to do the human thing and be all social and work the shaft.

Please be patient, it won’t be much longer and this update will host big gameplay loop changes and hopefully solve a lot of the crash issues.

Also, big fuck you to the guy with the personal vendetta against me on steam reviews.



DAY 118/365
Part 2 of 2

Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.
Pr. 25:28 (NIV)

My dear sister,

Remember these words on self control when it comes to:

1. That one guy
When it comes to that one guy who you can’t help but notice when he likes your photo on social media, and you can’t help but notice when he looks your way–know that while he may actually be a good guy, don’t let your emotions and desires get wrapped up in him just because he seems to be throwing hints that he MIGHT be interested. If he is not pursuing and being intentional about you in a way that glorifies God, don’t worry about him! Even if he’s texting you right now! If he’s texting you right now and you KNOW he’s talking to other girls or you KNOW he is not living a lifestyle that exhibits someone who is ready for an intentional relationship, gently and peacefully back away and pray for him! It doesn’t mean he is a horrible person but you’ve got to lean on the Lord right now and let HIM bring you to a place of self control and peace. Guard your heart and don’t just wait for the good, Christian guy…wait on the one who is being prepared by the Lord and actually ready to pursue and be intentional. It is so much better to wait for that than to settle for someone who is simply not ready for commitment.

2. Being single
I know there are nights when you might just be wondering, “what am I doing wrong? Why won’t God send me the one He has for me? Are my standards too high? Am I just supposed to be single forever?” While I can’t tell you what your future holds, I can tell you that God DOES honor marriage*! He does! It’s not a sin to be single and it’s not a sin to be married. So if you desire to be married in a way that brings God glory, make sure your standards bring God glory. Let the attributes you look for in a godly spouse be far more focused on godly things than material things. And most importantly, set your eyes on things ABOVE**! The more you do this the less you will focus on all of the material things and more on what GOD has ahead for you!

Biblical context + further reading: Pr. 25, Pr. 4:23, *Heb 13:4, **Col. 3:2-3


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