Good swim vibes today!

I felt strong from the moment I got in for my warm-up, so when coach announced that we’d be doing a 500 TT my reaction was “BRING IT ON.”  My first 100 was in just under 1:30 and I finished in 7:29.5, so I swam some pretty dang even splits assuming I was consistent through the middle.

The woman I split a lane with is usually notably faster than me, but she was tired today and we came in at the same time.  It was somewhat awkward and amusing that when we heard the time she says “UGH that was horrible” and I’m like “…yay!”.  Remember, folks, it’s all relative - you vs. you.  I can still feel great about a time that someone else is bummed out by.


It’s SO obvious to me now that the reason they keep pushing the Shspesh “Own little bubble” thing is to encourage non-Sherlock watchers during the holidays to watch the special. Sitting in front of a TV at Christmas and have to decide what to watch? Selecting a movie around the holidays and you have to decide which film? WELL DON’T WORRY ABOUT S1-S3 YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW A THING ABOUT MODERN BBC SHERLOCK BECAUSE THIS IS A WHOLE THING ON IT’S OWN AND THUS MORE ACCEPTING AND PALATABLE IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY A FAN.

Their agenda is to carry out what the leading guru of the PR industry, Edward Bernays, years ago called the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinion of the masses. Which he regarded as a central part of democracy. He was, incidentally, no reactionary. He was a Kennedy-Roosevelt liberal, highly respected around Cambridge. And what he was presenting – this happened to be in the main manual of the PR industry but it reflected general intellectual attitudes – that means creating artifical wants, atomizing people, separating them from one another, making sure they don’t disturb us important folk in the political arena, turning them into isolated atoms of consumption, obedient, having the ‘right’ opinions which don’t bother us, and properly jingoistic and supportive of power. That’s the agenda. And they’re happy to tell you about it. And they spend huge amounts of money on it.
—  Noam Chomsky

After watching Inside Out, what struck me the most was what others have mentioned on here before - the emotion that is in charge of each mind may be significant. Strike that - is significant. People have suggested that Sadness being in charge of the Mum’s mind means she struggled/struggles with depression, and that Dad’s mind being run by Anger suggests a struggle with Anger Issues. 

But I think the most important one is the popular eyeshadow girl.

Fear runs her mind. Front and centre. If that isn’t on purpose, I don’t know what is.