Mas talvez eu seja isso mesmo: Um vão, um pedaço de nada indecifrável, incompreendido e sem função nenhuma. Eu sei que existo, mas eu não sei como. Eu não sei como existir.
—  Patrícia.
When you used to see Scully in her apartment, she was completely happy, self-sufficient, with her dog, watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This time around it seems she’s made some decisions: She’s getting on with her life and is doing what is meaningful to her. She’s showing up and being assertive. But you sense, even though she’s self-sufficient, that there’s a hole. And I like that it sits there, not filled, and that eventually, as she and Mulder start to work together again, the sense of something missing goes away. What was missing in her life is back.
—  Gillian Anderson,  Here’s How The X-Files Reboot Got Made
But the thing about Marilyn - who’s a good friend of mine and whom I adore, he’s a fiercely intelligent, fucking hugely talented individual - is that he’s taking America on with his music and he’s criticizing American culture. It reminds me very much of Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys, who I was a big fan of as a teenager. The world needs Marilyn Manson, you know. The world doesn’t need Fred Durst.
—  Brian Molko, Montreal Mirror - 26 April 2001
Brian Molko commenting on Marilyn Manson

Placebo with host David Bowie Chat Transcription - 29/3/99

David Bowie: […] Anyway, we have another question, from PunkInPink: “What do you think of Marilyn Manson? You seem to have little things in common, but you also seem to deserve a bit more respect.”

Brian Molko: Well, I think Marilyn Manson’s thing is probably quite considerably larger than mine, considering his height, but you never know.

Stefan Olsdal: It’s all about the hands, though?

David Bowie: Aren’t the feet supposed to come into it somewhere along the line?

Stefan Olsdal: The nose, maybe?

Brian Molko: We know each other, we’ve hung out on a few occasions. He’s quite a fascinating character.

David Bowie: Yes, I read that you went to a gig together!

Brian Molko: Yes, we went to the local Goth club in London to freak out the little Goths.

David Bowie: How funny! Were they indeed little?

Brian Molko: Oh Jesus were they freaked out.

David Bowie: They were both little and freaked out?

Brian Molko: Yeah it wasn’t actually as debauched as everyone would like to believe, the time we spent together. He’s an incredibly intelligent individual, he’s taking on the moral majority of this country, which is a good thing, and he’s also incredibly ruthless, which is why he’s become so successful so quickly.