Nur noch wenige Tage ist die aktuelle Power-Wrestling (Oktober 2011) im Handel erhältlich. Darin zu finden ist unter anderem ein ausführliches Exklusivinterview mit Wrestlinglegende Sting. Anlässlich seines großen Matches mit Hulk Hogan (diesen Sonntag bei TNA Bound for Glory) präsentieren wir euch hier einen Auszug aus diesem Gespräch…weiterlesen


Jeff Hardy Wins TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Bound for Glory [10/14/2012]

These photos taken from TNA’s Facebook page show Jeff Hardy before and after his championship match against Austin Aries. It’s a neat candid feature on the site and gives people quick updates while the event goes on but before the official show pictures become uploaded in the next day or so.

I’m just hoping that this title change allows for the return of Hardy’s Immortal Belt for a while. That thing was as pretty as it was completely ridiculous!

Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Aries and Hardy work so well together, 2 really talented guys but in the end I am happy to see Jeff get the title.

Personal demons can be overcome and he has proven it. This is your redemption Jeff

congratulations to both men on a great match !