ppv: summerslam


Finn Balor on being injured at SummerSlam: “I realized, ‘shit, my shoulders dislocated.I’m on my back on the floor outside the ring. At that moment I said, 'while you can lay here, wait for the doctors to do something, the match will end and you will forever be known as the person that blotted here the opportunity. 

Or… you can pop your shoulder back in and get back in the ring.”


“If you try to run, you’re going run into a wall of bodies. The same bodies we built our reputation on. The bodies we used to stack one on top of the other. We made a lot of enemies together, Seth. Those enemies are gonna make sure that ain’t nobody running from this. Those enemies are gonna make sure that we tear each other apart at Summer Slam Seth. I promise we will… tear each other apart.”

Dean Ambrose

Heel turn?

Randy orton is currently the most talked person in wwe. In social media he steals everyone the show. And that makes him successful. But not many know, randy wants to turn to heel again ( and i hope that happend soon) And he uses social media, so that the wwe can turn him to heel. In summerslam we see a face vs heel match aj style (face) vs randy orton (heel).

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