ppv: lockdown


Transformers AOE Lockdown cosplay

scratch built, hand painted work.
almost a full 3 years later since I began building him and I’m happy to have finally been able to wear and re-debut this since moving across the country and taking first place at Central PA Comic Con! I owe a lot to the time I spent working on this. with the accident that almost claimed both my arms, this was the best physical therapy I could ever get in reclaiming my dexterity and learning so much from this project that paved the way to many other commissions and build projects.. but most importantly, me being able to hold and care for my daughter and providing for my family.

Why is Lockdown just so eerily human looking. I seriously can’t get over how bizarrely man-like his face is, it’s like he isn’t actually an alien at all. It’s just uncanny.
From the moment I looked at him, I immediately just thought he just looks like Phil Mitchell, it’s ridiculous. Just look at this, really.

Is this his holoform?

(can’t wake up) wake me up inside.

(Save me)

Lockdown Part 3

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Part One    Part Two

“Juice? Oh my god.” You whispered and threw the covers back. You leapt out of the bed and rushed to his side.
He didn’t move, he was frozen in place, his eyes locked wide and staring straight ahead.
“Juicy?” You whispered and reached your hands out, stroking his face gently. “Juice are you hurt?”
He looked down at his blood soaked shirt and slowly his face turned towards you and his eyes lifted to meet yours.
“Its not mine.Its over.” He said quietly. His voice sounded broken and you wondered what had happened out there, what had happened to him.
You nodded slowly and ran your fingers across his cheek.
“Wheres Olly?” He asked you.
“Hes next door, with Abel and Thomas.”  You said quietly.
Juice nodded and his hands reached out and wrapped around your waist.
He lowered his head and rested it on your shoulder, his hands squeezing your waist gently.
You stroked the back of his head and ran your other hand along his back.
“Are you okay, Juice?” You asked quietly.
He lifted his head and looked into your eyes.
“Its you.” He whispered.
You gulped and nodded slowly.
“Yeah, its me Juicy. Im here.” You said softly.
“No, (y/n), its you.” He said again.
Your brows furrowed together and he smiled softly.
“When Im out there, doing these things for the club, Im not thinking about what Im doing. Im not thinking about the club, or my brothers, or myself. Its you, (y/n). You make me want to come home.”
You looked into his eyes, and you saw the way they sparkled with love.
“I never stopped loving you, (y/n). I know things didn’t work out between us before but your all I see. Your all I want.”
“I love you, Juice.” You whispered and his grin spread across his face. “I love you so much.”
And suddenly his lips were on yours, and fire spread through your veins.

Your eyes flickered open and you yawned softly.
“Morning.” Juice whispered and you turned your head to look at him.
“Morning.” You smiled.
His arms were wrapped around your naked body and the feel of his skin on yours was a comfort you hadn’t realised you’d missed.
“Howd you sleep?” He asked as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Like a baby.” You smiled and pressed your lips to his.
His lips moved with yours and you moaned softly.
“Speaking of babies,” You said between kisses and pulled away from him.
“I should go get Olly.” You said and he nodded.
You got out of the bed and reached for your panties and your jeans. You pulled them on and caught Juice watching you.
“Like what you see?” You asked with a smirk as you reached for your bra.
“Yeah mami.” He said and you laughed.
You rummaged through your bag and found a shirt and pulled it over your head.
After slipping your boots on you walked back over to the bed and leant over, kissing Juice again.
“(Y/n)?” He asked against your lips.
“Yeah?” You asked as you straightened and pulled your hair into a pony tail.
“Are you sure you want this? Us?” He asked, his face full with worry.
You smiled and turned towards him.
“Your the only thing Ive ever been sure of babe.” You said and he grinned widely.
A knock on the door caught your attention and you walked over and opened it.
Gemma stood with Olly in her arms, and her famous smirk on her face.
“Momma!” Olly yelled and you smiled and took him in your arms.
“Goodmirning baby.” You smiled at him and kissed his cheeks.
“Momma whats that?” Olly asked and pointed to your neck.
Gemma smirked as she watched your face redden slightly once you realised it was a hickey Juice had left on your skin.
“Its nothing baby.” You said and smiled at your son.
“Here,” Gemma said. “Why don’t we go get breakfast and leave your Mommy and Daddy to get ready.” She took him from your arms and smirked at you as she turned down the hallway.
You shut the door and leaned against it and groaned, as Juices laughter filled the room.

Olly sat in your lap and Juice stood with his arm around you as you laughed and talked with Wendy and Jax.
You caught Wendys eye and you smiled at her. She had always known how you felt about Juice, and she was happy to see that you had reconnected with him finally.
“Momma?” Olly asked and you and Juice both smiled down at him.
“Yeah baby?” You asked.
“Are we gonna have more sleepovers at Daddys?” Olly asked and you both laughed.
“Would you like that little man?” Juice asked and Olly nodded excitedly.
Juice grinned and kissed your forehead while you smiled at your little family.
“C’mon baby, lets get you home.” You said and stood, shifting your son to your hip.
You kissed Wendy and Jax on the cheek and walked outside, Juice following you.
You headed to your car ad opened the back door.
Once you had Olly buckled into his car seat you shut the door and leant against it.
“You wanna come over tonight?” You asked Juice.
He grinned widely at you and nodded.
“Were making pizzas.” You smiled and stepped towards him.
He wrapped his arms around you and you looked up at him.
“I love you.” You whispered and he kissed you deeply.
“I love you too.” He said against your lips and you smiled.
You turned away from him and got into your car.
The engine turned on and you waved out the window as you pulled out of the lot.
“Daddy coming?” Olly asked and you smiled.
“Yeah baby. Daddys coming for a sleepover.”


Things had been good between you and Juice. Ever since the lockdown you had spent almost every night together and you were finally starting to feel like a real family again.
Olly loved having his father around and you loved it too.
Juice had taken Olly to get some groceries and you had enjoyed spending an hour alone, but you welcomed the sound of laughter when you heard the front door open.
You walked into the hallway, a smile on your face as you watched your son carry a watermelon into the kitchen and Juice carrying bags in both hands.
You followed them into the kitchen and laughed as you watched your son struggle to put the melon on the counter.
“Here baby.” You said and took it from him and placed it on the counter.
“Thanks mommy.” Olly smiled at you before running to the lounge and turning the tv on.
You leant against the counter and crossed your arms, watching your son with a smile on your face.
“Did you get it?” You asked Juice.
He nodded and passed you the box.
You took it from him and he stepped towards you. He pecked your lips softly and smiled at you.
“I’ll be waiting.” He said reassuringly and you nodded before heading down the hall.
A few minutes passed and Juice had just finished packing away the groceries when you walked back into the kitchen.
He turned towards you, trying to hide the hope in his eyes as he looked at you.
You stared at the test in your hands before looking up and meeting his eye.
You took a deep breath before smiling softly.
“Im pregnant.”

G. WILLOW WILSON (W) • Marco Failla (A)
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• But who can she trust when Jersey City is more divided than ever?
• It’s becoming clear that this unrest in J.C. might be more personal than Kamala ever considered…
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