Animation: Taste Testing

Pragmatic is her middle name. Pinkie Pragmatic Pie.

Concept provided by Zorand! As always, use the mirrors for a sharper image and more colors: Imgur, Gfycat.

UPDATE (05-14-14): Added a sketch! Made of my favorite moment from this animation, it was done by this awesome and somewhat anonymous artist. Check them out!

Animation: Diaries

It really rocked the best-seller char– alright I’m sorry.

Trying a new thing with doing the crediting (of the users whose lines I snatched) in the animation itself. You can see the comment chain here!

(Mirrors: Imgur, GfyCat)

S1E01, Friendship is Magic, Pt. 1 – Deleted Scene

Pretty much 100% Zorand’s, as seen here. All credit goes to him!

Today is I_Animate_Ponymotes’ birthday! One year ago today, I made the account on Reddit and posted Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo harghlbarging at each other, and here I am now. Thanks for the support, everyone! Here’s to another year!

Trying to separate the various seasons’ deleted scenes visually, through differently styled title cards. I’ll be updating the other S1, S2 and S3 animations soon enough.

(Mirrors: Imgur, GfyCat)


Woooo! Thank you guys so much! I really, really never expected that making ponymotes bob around and talk would grow to this degree when I started. I’m totally touched that so many people are entertained enough to want to keep following what I do. What’s next? 10,000’s probably a little optimistic, but, hey, maybe one day!

Celebrate this milestone with me by watching until 5,000 Pinkies have popped out! Those two and a half hours will just fly by.

Animation – New Emotes, Round Three

An animation to announce [](/spikehappy), [](/sunsetshimmer), [](/sunsetsneaky), [](/scootablue), and [](/twisecret)! /twisecret should be a lot of fun. I think. Hopefully.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)

S4E22, Trade Ya - Deleted Scene

Inspired by/ripped off of that one Always Sunny joke

For better quality, click it to go to the Deviantart submission, or use these mirrors! Imgur, Gfycat.


Mirrors: (Imgur, Gfycat)

Really wouldn’t wish that on anyone, just sayin

So I made a Facebook page and a Google+ page. If you use either of those more than Tumblr, now there’s another way to know there’s a new thing!

S5E09, Slice of Life – Deleted Scene

“Okay, NOW she’s drunk.”

Idea by Zorand! In more ways than one, really, because this is also inspired by this joke he made in my IRC. And also this joke by licksdash, AKA /u/ DASHLICKER1991. Good times.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)


Animation – Delivery

Watch this in one piece over at DeviantArt, or use this GfyCat mirror! Much better quality!

Spawned off this exchange with meditonsin. My craziest endeavor yet, but I’m very proud of the results! I hope you enjoy it!

Animation: Easy As Pie

Yes, this one is just too big to fit on Tumblr. I’d have to break it into, like, five parts. I hope you’ll still click through and watch it on Deviantart! A lot of work went into this baby.

Alternatively, use the Imgur or GfyCat mirrors!