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now for the reverse of the meme! :pp fic idea: man from uncle au (ish). viktor is a top kgb spy. yuuri got caught stealing back art in europe, celestino brokered a deal to keep him out of jail provided he worked for the us as a spy. lots of "no yakov, i'm only flirting the american's top spy to con information out him, this is not only bc i love his ass, really" and "the hot russian keeps flirting with me, phichit help, he's on to me" and "fell in love with the enemy whoops"

Like a Gunshot: A Gentleman’s Guide to Saving the World and Falling in Love

“An ex-art thief turned American spy and the golden boy of the KGB!” Phichit gasps, draping himself dramatically over Yuuri’s back. “You’re like star-crossed lovers!”

“I prefer the term art reclaimer,” Yuuri sniffs indignantly. “Also, Viktor and I are not lovers.”

Phichit pulls back and sweeps his eyes down Yuuri’s body. “Is that his tie?”

“No comment.” 

!!! flskd i loved this do u know how badly i need a man from uncle au cookie im screaming thank u 

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