People-Watching in the Muslim Quarter

So it turns that the ancient imperial city of Xi'an was actually originally founded by Muslims. It still retains some Muslim influences to this day, China’s largest mosque and even has a street named after them. Though it’s a bit of a tourist trip nowadays, it’s still quite a unique place to visit and a welcome change to all the traditional Chinese stuff that’s on offer.

回民街, Xi'an


Deng’s Legacy

It’s been a handful of years since I last visited Shenzhen and my previous impression of it was not so fond. This time, however, had me thoroughly impressed. It’s a megapolis like the other tier-1 Chinese cities, but unlike the other major Chinese cities, Shenzhen really has only come to significance in the last 30 years following Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms. What a legacy he’s left.

Deng’s Portrait, Shenzhen