South Front Of The White House, Fountain In The Foreground. 1860-1880 1860?-1880?

“We have now obtained the doubleeyed or twin pictures, or Stereograph, if we may coin a name. But the pictures are two, and we want to slide them into each other, so to speak, as in natural vision, that we may see them as one. How shall we make one picture out of two, the corresponding parts of which are separated by a distance of two or three inches?”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1859

NY Public Library Stereograph Created by StaceyPalmer@TheCivilWarParlorTUMBLR

Knights of the Round 10/5/13 11:41pm

                As I approached the castle I could hear the cries of battle echoing out to the fields, while others sought refuge in their homes and cars, I felt the breeze, fresh with the smell of blood, and smiled. As I was ready to fight for my brothers and sisters!

                Which at the time were numerous, the schedule for today included three or four weddings simultaneously and it called for all the chefs at our disposal. At 2pm we met in the regular meeting area among our barracks and armories of cookery weapons. There, Clinton, and his chosen champion The Lumberjack addressed all the generals of the kingdom, King Arthur, Igneal, Eminem, Persephone, and Oda Nobunaga. The break down followed for almost 5 minutes and ended with a power clap, which is common for our castle. I was chosen by King Arthur to be part of his round table, the others were Oda, and Cleopatra, the face that could sink a thousand maintenance men. From this point on, we followed under his orders and made it to plating without one mistake, and while on this intense battle field a message came from over the telegraph, a Pesto Chicken Flatbread and a Turkey sandwich. King Arthur drew his blade and cut down 20 men with a single swipe before turning to me with his mighty white steed and ordering me to “Order up”, I left my post with honor in my soul, and a fire in my belly.

Then I fucked up both orders, and a few after that. King Arthur told me to listen more and pay attention to the details, a statement that is common in my campaign at this time and something I’m desperately trying to improve. The night ended with my cleaning of the kitchen and small chatting with the warriors around me and I had even snatched the radio and played a couple songs I had stuck in my head.

Today was a fantastic day on the front lines, I look forward to tomorrow’s battle.