shoutout to the anon who requested i do this (i highkey fell in love with the lyrics ok)

(PS: i never listened to the original song, only a few covers, so i’m sorry if i got the tune/melody/etc wrong)
(PPS: my uke is kinda broken as u can tell by the yellow duct tape and the sound the fourth string makes when i play a G chord)
(PPPS: im sorry for my voice i’m irl an alto like a legit alto i can sing phantom of the opera as the phantom lmao shoutout to the theatre kids yes)


Kylux sketchbook dump 3, featuring Anime Expo hangout shenanigans! >:DD I hung out, drew, and played card games with @inchells, @wickedicks, @pixiepunch, and @kurama2212 and it was so great. Inchells drew that super adorable page in my sketchbook. <33333 Wickedicks also drew a page, but I’ll post that on my nsfw blog :ppp the anime booby body pillow design belongs to pixiepunch, I just had to draw fanart of it lololol

Everyone was so nice and cool and I had such a great time!!!! ;___;/ <33


For those of you wondering why im so obsessed with catching an abra

i know this is gonna sound way stupid and sappy but it’s a nice thing to share. this is a doll my grandpa made for me when i was still in elementary school. we were never super close for reasons outside of my control, but he cared for me and i never had a bad experience with him. when i was going through my big childhood pokemon phase i showed him and my grandmother pictures i’d drawn of certain pokemon, including an abra. 

he said something about pokemon that hurt my feelings (tho it honestly wasnt that bad and was more from him not understanding what pokemon was) and i got miffed at him for it. him and my grandma took the pictures i drew home and that was the end of it

but not really. a while later he gave me this doll that he’d carved himself. its head turns and it’s delicate and the size of my hand, but i really liked it! and now that im older and my grandpa is gone, it sort of dawns on me the sort of effort and kindness that goes into making something like this. a toy that you dont really understand for a grandchild you never really see. its one of those shit things about growing up, when you’re finally old enough to appreciate your grandparents but they’re already gone

anyways. ive been attached to these lil guys ever since and theyve been one of those big pokemon in my heart. so ive been doing my damnedest to catch one, in hopes of naming it after my grandfather

Bob the Abra.

it’s gonna be great


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i just needed an excuse to mess with photoshop

                    tamashions’ permanent starter call!

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  • possibly IM you so we can plot! — i love thinking about situations to put our muses in, even more so if they’re friends, and sometimes i like telling you what i came up with. wether it turns into a thread or just ends up in us screaming together, anything’s fine!

you don’t have to do this to me if you don’t want to, of course. you’re also free to not reply to them if you don’t want to! this is just a way of making myself more comfortable when approaching you, since i tend to think i’m bothering you.

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