So Mycrofts phone call in The Sign of Three is seen to show him warning Sherlock not to get involved, but what if he was trying to keep Sherlock calm?

After all we see Molly worrying to Lestrade saying ‘So he’ll have to make a speech.In front of people, with actual people there , actually listening’ , to which Lestrade replies with trepidation ‘well… whats the worse that could happen…’ after which its implied his brain will go to mush (‘Helen Lousie probably thought the same’). Sherlock has a very , very good memory so it wont go to mush due to that , it’ll go due to nerves.

And we see this at the start of Sherlock’s speech, he’s stuttering and nervous and unsure what to say. The only time we’ve really seen him stutter that I can remember is in Scandal in Belgravia , and that was when he was uneasy about the enviroment he was in (Irene was naked and he couldn’t deduce anything from her). So he must have been nervous , he didn’t want to mess up his speech for an honour which his only best friend (the human kind at least) has betowed on him, we know he doesn’twant to mess it up, when he think he has by making people cry he immedietly seems worried ‘John? John did I do it wrong?’. Except this time he apparently doesn’t need to think of Redbeard perhaps due to Johns hug.

But I genuinely think that Mycroft was trying to keep Sherlock calm, he knows how important John is to Sherlock , so knows that Sherlock will be scared or anxious at the very least. After all Mycroft wants to look after his baby brother.

I’m sorry, Tumblr.  I just can’t sustain the level of hatred for the world that a lot of social justice people do.  Yes there’s a lot of shit stuff.  Yes, it makes me angry.  And yes, I’ve had a lot of white-male privilege but I also don’t fit into all of the privilege categories.  (I refuse to have a privilege-off, though.)  But I can’t hate the world in the same way that you do.

I take my victories where I see them, even if they’re small.  I revel in the little changes even if there’s a long way to go.  I don’t expect the world to change overnight.  I don’t expect it to be perfect.  I spent a lot of time and energy expecting the world to be perfect and I ended up majorly depressed, in therapy and on meds for two years. 

So I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it.  I’ll fight for justice alongside you but I won’t hate like you do.

I really hate that quote “If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best!”

Because, like, what if your worst is a selfish emotionally or physically abusive asshole. What if your worst is REALLY terrible.

There are so many people I’ve cut out of my life because, despite their best, their worst is just too damaging for me to be around.

What an awful quote.

Disclaimer: I love a lot about the Night Vale fandom and the creativity of some people absolutely blows me away.

However: I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one in the Night Vale fandom whose headcanon appearances for characters/places are ‘normal’.  Like, for example, I find it funnier picturing the librarians just as regular librarians who happen to be awful murderous people rather than as literal monsters. 

The big one for me is this: Honestly, I love the images and look of Cecil with tattoos but it just seems so genuinely out of character to me.  Like, I just imagine Cecil as this average 30-something guy with no third eye and no tattoos.  It’s always been the appeal of Cecil to me; he’s this average guy around which all this weird stuff happens.  Or, for another example, Kevin is actually just a regular guy with a really creepy smile (possibly also covered in animal viscera…)

This proves to be a dilemma for me because I really enjoy cosplaying Cecil but also I do want to be recognised.  But it just rubs me the wrong way to do the tattoos and the third-eye.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.