Long square; Neon orange jelly base, neon pink drips lined in black on all fingers, except hot pink statement middle finger.

Materials: L.A. Colors Shock, Sinful Colors unamed (sorry! I can’t seem to find it right now), Crayola Tempera black paint, Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat, and a small paintbrush.

I actually really liked this manicure/design a lot, and was pretty satisfied with it, which is rare for me. The main problem in this manicure was Shock, omg SEVEN LAYERS OF POLISH. Thanks to my beloved JQS, and thin layering, it wasn’t too big of a deal though. A separate swatch post on that with come later. 
Have a great night, everyone! :) 
P.S. sorry for the dry cuticles… idk what was going on there.hehe 


Today after eating a filling burger with the boyfriend I decided to finally check out the Sally Beauty Supply store at the shopping center close to my house. (Yes, he came with me AND helped me pick out a color, a keeper right?)

Boy, am I glad I did! They were having a sale where you buy a Seche Vite coat (base or top) and get a China Glaze polish for free!

Y'all know me, I refuse to spend an arm and a leg for a polish, but with the total coming out to $9.32 (with a 9.75% tax rate in my area), both polishes came out to about 4.50, which is reasonable, being a little above average of the price you pay for a drug store polish.

Anyway, just thought I’d give everyone the heads up. I don’t know how long their deal is lasting, or how long the bottles will (I got the last one of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat!), but it’s worth your while to go check out a Sally Beauty Supply store for this awesome deal. 

Can’t wait to try out my new additions to my collection. :)
Hope you all had an awesome Monday! 


Did this while waiting for my dentist appointment about 3 months ago (I really need to catch up on my posting lol). I was a bride’s maid for my Tía’s wedding, and our color scheme was blue. Naturally, my nails needed to go with the theme, so I was testing out a few variations of gradients/fadeouts. These are the first two try-outs, but for reason, it still didn’t feel right…

…so I texted a pic to my cousin, and she suggested not using clear as my last tone, but rather a lighter blue, and voila!

External image

I liked it much better. :) Official pics of full mani coming soon.


Medium square, Blue glitter fade out/gradient.

Materials: I used quite a few polishes in this design, and although I would regularly post them, I want to make this a quick post, so just message me if you’d like to know about a color.

These are the bridesmaid nails I did a preview post about a month or so ago. Sorry I took so long to post, better late then never! Have a great weekend, and hello to all my new followers!  


Long square; The Lion King scenes on rings and thumb, soft orange base.

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!

The Lion King is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I painted these in December for the re-release of The Lion King in theaters. The scenes I chose to do were Simba’s presentation, the opening sunrise, and passing of the log and time by Pumba, Timon, and Simba. Although these nails were challenging, they were really fun to do because I have so much love for this amazing movie. <3

(Please click to enlarge, to see in full detail.)

Tell me what you think.


Short/medium squoval; Dark green shimmer base, topped with silver shatter, and white skull and crossbones with jeweled eyes on ring finger.

Materials: Ulta Envy, White Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, O.P.I. Silver Shatter, stick on silver jewels, small paint brush, and O.P.I. top coat.

Did this design back when I was in school for an awesome teacher. She had the O.P.I. Silver Shatter from the Pirates of The Caribbean Collection and wanted a design which really brought out that theme. Success! :)


Medium square; VALENTINES DAY design, with red 3D bow on ring, and shatter/crackle on middle and pinky.

Materials: Orly - Au Champagne, N.Y.C - Black Lace Creme, Charlotte Russe - Candy Apple Red, L.A. Colors - Moody Red, Kleancolor - Red Crackle, 2012 - Eternity, Jordana - Calcium Boost Basecoat, Jordana - Quick Shine Top Coat, and a .5 lead pencil.

Had to post a pic of this mani under low lighting, because it really captured the beautiful shimmering white that is  Orly - Au Champagne.

Long square; Violet butterfly design.

Materials: Violet frost nail polish (she had acrylics and base paint done at a salon, so I don’t know the shade, sorry), black acrylic paint, Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear White On, dotting tool, and a small paint brush.

I did these almost a year ago for a friends prom, after she saw a butterfly design done online. When she showed me the picture she found online, I knew right away that it was konad stamping. To re-create the design on her nails by hand, it took about two hours! But the result was striking, and I assure you no one else at prom had nails like hers. ;)


I finally got the new Revlon’s Facets of Fuchsia from their Expressionist Collection!!!!!!!!!! Facets of Fuchsia is a polish filled with pinkish purple (magenta?) large hexagonal and mini glitters suspended in a black jelly base. This one was hard to find, because it was just massed released October 1st, and was only available at Target before that time. If that wasn’t a set back, get this: Facets of Fuchsia is a Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance dupe. Oh, you mean the GaGa partnered nail polish that retails for $18??


Anyway, being a popular dupe, it was snatched up in every single display of the ten stores I went to. So when I casually asked my friend if we could make a quick stop at Walgreens before hitting Tap-Ex, he probably didn’t know that I was praying silently and profusely that this would be it. Jetting for the makeup section, I SAW IT, nabbed it, YEAHed in satisfaction all while doing a victory dance. I’m pretty sure I embarrassed the hell out of my friend, but I was too happy to care. ANYWAY, I plan on swatching this baby as soon as I can get my lovely Jordana Quick Shine, and maybe a good basecoat (all my polishes are cracking! eek!). Now for the pictures of my new pretty: 

Resting majestically on my friend’s car dashboard.

FINALLY in my greedy little hands.

And now, for the bottle close up, in all it’s glitter glory. Prepare to faint y'all:

*le sigh* :)

So happy right now guyz. (at this Walgreens I was also able to purchase Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glow in Dark polish, but I’ll have a separate post on that later) Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!! :)