Pride, Prejudice, and PurgatoryA Supernatural AU (Part 2 of 3)

Dean Winchester and Castiel Darcy were not friendly. They were hardly even cordial. But Castiel could not help but admire the eldest Winchester for his tenacity, fidelity, and sense of righteousness. As fate continued to throw the two together, Castiel felt a growing fondness for the hunter despite his inferior birth. His heart was beginning to overrun the duty he knew he had to his family name and the woman in his charge. Even when he could not quite voice it.

He is disheartened, of course, when the rash but beautiful Miss Ruby Wickham comes into town to sweep the hunter off his feet. She beguiles Dean with her tales of glory on the battle front against the growing vampire population in the north. After a tense encounter with Castiel, however, Ruby tells Dean that she had once been under the care of his family. She had been a favorite of his late father’s, who had left her a hefty inheritance in his will. Castiel granted her none of it, she said, and she was ordered off the property to fend for herself.

But everything came to a head when a werewolf tears into the local vicar on a cold spring morning. Castiel is able to help Dean and the other Winchesters to wound the beast, but he noticed that Sam–Dean’s younger brother–was absent from the fight. Thinking Sam Winchester was the escaped werewolf, Castiel convinces Jessica Bingley to leave the town before Sam got a hold of her. 

Furious at this turn of events, Dean decides to confront Castiel about his actions against his family, as well as to Miss Ruby Wickham. 


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Pride, Prejudice, and PurgatoryA Supernatural AU (Part 3 of 3)

The idiot had the worst timing. The past months, with the world falling down around them, Ruby turning out to be a monumental brother-corrupting bitch, and still Castiel thought it was appropriate to start apologizing when they were in the middle of chopping off leviathan heads. Well, not quite in the middle, more like just as Dean swung his cleaver with a grunt and the blackened body toppled. 

“Dean, you have to know…I did this–all of this–for you.”

Dean Winchester was shocked into silence, his jaw working soundlessly as he attempted to process what the angel-born was telling him.


"I was wrong to separate Jessica and your brother. I acted in haste, and I cannot think my actions now will earn your forgiveness. And should all else fail, if we survive this and…and you still feel as you did when we last spoke, then I shall take leave of Hertfordshire forever. I will no longer be a curse upon you.”

Something twisted deep in the eldest Winchester’s gut. This whole damn time Dean was realizing his true feelings for the strange, stoic man in a trenchcoat thinking that Cas hated him for being such a stubborn, prideful dick–and…and…Castiel still wanted him?

Aw, fuck it.

Dean reached forward, watching as Castiel’s eyes widened slightly as the hunter’s hand brushed his unshaven jaw. Dean swallowed, and despite the ridiculously perilous situation they were in, took the time that he should have ages ago to tell the truth.

“I’d rather have you, Cas. Cursed or not.”


*Gifs are not mine. The idea is.

The "About" section just posted to our online store.

The following is taken from our recently added “About” section.  For those of you wondering how and why I started PPNP, and what the message is, here it is written out fully.


Pop Punk Not Pills


How did Pop Punk Not Pills start?

I started Pop Punk Not Pills with the leftover money from my last band.  I ordered 25 t-shirts and started by selling a few to my friends.  After a few weeks, I put them for sale online just to see what would happen.  That was in July of 2011. Since then I’ve sold tons of shirts to multiple countries, made some awesome friends, got endorsed a few of my favorite bands, and had tables at festivals and shows.

What’s the story behind the message?

I’ve lived my entire life with a sister diagnosed with autism, mental retardation, OCD, and a number of other things. Medication is something that keeps her, and, in turn, the rest of my family, going. It is something that lets my family live as “normal” of a life as we can.  

People chose to abuse these medications for “fun”.  It’s not “fun” for people who’s entire life depends on it. It’s not “fun” to have a handful of pills to take every day to maintain a sense of control or normality.  Some of the medications that people take recreationally are something so important to another person, that they literally cannot go a day without it.  

Pop Punk is a genre I grew up on.  I was listening to Blink-182 and Green Day as far back as I can remember.  Those were the bands that got me to pick up a guitar so I could be as cool as Tom DeLonge and Billie Joe Armstrong.  That music taught me to be who I was, even if it meant not being in the “popular” crowd.  I stayed away from the parties and drinking that so many other kids got into, and instead I played punk-rock in basements with my best friends.  There is something so down-to-earth about pop-punk.  It’s a music scene made up of mostly real genuine people doing what they want to do no matter what the popular opinion is.

I have opinions about abusing other drugs too, but that’s not what I’m trying to get across with Pop Punk Not Pills. Some people wear this shirt and send a straight edge message, and that’s great!  It is what you make of it. Bands write songs so people can take that message and relate it to themselves and their lives.  I’d like to think people can proudly wear Pop Punk Not Pills and spread whatever message is important to them.

So what does this brand represent?

Pop Punk Not Pills is about using music as your drug.  Getting that high feeling from listening to your favorite song, or seeing a rad live show is unlike any other.  You don’t need to be abusing something like prescription medication to get happiness from life.  Stick with good friends and good tunes and you’ll be just fine.  And maybe some pizza now and then.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and feel free to contact me for any reason.

-Alex | alex@poppunknotpills.com