"Long Way To The Top" continue

She squeaked when he poked her. “Damn, I wanted to see you try to use a hammer.” She laughed when he glared at her.

“George would still try to sleep with us.” She shook her head. “I want a big house. Not so big we never see each other. A pool, recording and sound room, master bedroom with a four poster bed!” She laughed. “I want a small Californian castle! Maybe on the edge of a cliff, or on a beach?” She loved planning.


It had been a couple weeks since Tony and Pepper came out as a couple to the public and started making plans to someday build their own house. Pepper had actually filled the lounge with building and house magazines, cutting out pieces she loved and storing then in a collage notebook.

One day, Tony was off at a doctor’s appointment so Pepper decides to take George out shopping in the city. She packed up George in her car and drive out to The city. She parked in a structure and started her walk. She had hit up a couple stores, George happily enjoying the sunshine. She steppes into a frozen yogurt place for her and George, coming out with a cup for the dog.

“Pepper Potts? From Iron Men?” Pepper stood up and turned to face what she assumed was a fan, smiling. She was used to being seen in the streets and she was getting used to it. “Yes? Hi!” She lifted up her sunglasses, a hand on George’s collar. Thats when Pepper realized it wasn’t a fan.

“Is it true you slept your way into the band and coming out like that is to just cover it up?” The girl behind her was holding a recorder, a badge on her purse said she worked for an online newspaper.

“Wait? What? No! Tony and I are in a real relationship-”

“Thats not what my source says!” The girl steppes closer to Pepper and George growled.

“Leave me alone! Please!” Pepper picked up her bags and turned to walk away. The reporter followed shouting questions at her so Pepper pulled out her phone and called Tony.

“Leave me alone! You’re source is wrong!” Pepper shouted to the girl, George barking.

Rock Star Lullaby

Tony and Pepper took their time moving into the new house. George got neutered and after grumbling for weeks about his junk being missing, he forgave them and stopped revenge peeing in the kitchen. Their first Christmas was fast approaching and so was their wedding. They were scheduled for a private ceremony in Spring on their private beach and Pepper just wanted it to be Spring already. But for now, the house was decorated for luxury Christmas from the tree to the music.

“George! Dinner!” Pepper opened the back door and called in the pup who came bouncing in and sliding over to his kibble. She turned and headed back to the stove. “Daddy will be home soon. He’s gonna be surprised mommy finally unpacked the kitchen.”