With the 40th anniversary of “Roe v. Wade” only a few days away, Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley is hosting a Meet & Greet of sorts to all come together on this historic date to reflect, remember, and recognize. Come toast the Supreme Court with a free drink, and some appetizers as well.  It’ll be a great opportunity to get together with other local activists and community members to talk about where we’ve been and where we’re going. In order to receive your free drink ticket at the door, as well as the location of the event, you’ve got to RSVP, which you can do HERE!

In addition to the event, a few of us have also put together a little presentation on what led up to the Supreme Court decision, the main players involved, and where we’re heading 40 years later. If you’re interested in viewing that, just click the image above!

Come one, come all! 

The Danger of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

About a month or so ago, I was driving home from the grand opening of our newest health center in Kingston, NY. Leaving the center, I got only a few blocks away when I saw this:

Something about the physical proximity of our health center and this anti-choice establishment left me feeling a bit bothered. I pulled over to snap a quick photo, and then continued on my way.

This week, I revisited that moment as I watched 12th and Delaware, a documentary set in A Woman’s World Medical Center (an abortion clinic), and the crisis pregnancy center across the street from it in Fort Pierce, Florida. With all of this already in my mind, reading up on everything that is happening in Mississippi became even more real for me. Despite the temporary restraining order that will allow Mississippi’s one lone abortion clinic to remain open (for now), it’s hard to celebrate the small victory when you realize the reality that the entire state of Mississippi has one abortion clinic, and that it is under vehement attacks by the anti-choice movement.

You know what’s scarier than only one abortion clinic for an entire state, though? That same state having over 30 well known crisis pregnancy centers. I’m not here to devote an entire post to the dangers of these CPCs, as that’s already been done and I could add little more.  However, what does need to be added is that CPCs seem to be here to stay. With courts ruling that it is an acceptable (and legal) practice to deceive and lure women into their facilities in order to convince them to continue their pregnancy, in combination with seemingly weekly proposals to ban abortion or severely restrict access to it, it seems to me that there is a deeper issue taking place here.

With Baltimore as the latest example, all these clinics would have had to do would be to post a sign stating that they do not offer or make referrals for birth control or abortion. Shouldn’t have been too hard, considering they don’t. Yet the court ruled in favor of the CPCs, not requiring them to do so.  I get that they’re using the freedom of speech argument, but there is a clear line between speech and deception. CPCs are misrepresenting their goals.  They fail to refute the false assumption that the general public believes they have at least a little medical knowledge of pregnancy in addition to offering options, knowledge, and help – which they do not. Women are being coerced into giving birth, thus making this an issue of forced labor more than of abortion.


Lena Dunham - Your First Time

This month we’re launching ICYC (In Case You’re Curious), a new resource designed especially for teens that allows them to ask all of their sexual health questions in an anonymous and easy way! All questions are anonymously sent directly to a highly-trained Responsible Sex Education Institute educator and answered within 24 hours, guaranteed…though the average response time is under 208 minutes! Plus, it’s free. Text us anytime, anywhere and we’ll be there - no matter what. Got a question? Try it out now by texting PPMHV to 57890 to get started.