Poses tutorial using WOY

If you’re struggling with drawing poses, I think you can learn a LOT from watching Wander Over Yonder- whether you’re a fan or not! 

Here, I’ll show you guys what I’m talking about. 

The three of them are doing the same dance, but each character owns it differently! Can you tell what their personalities are like? What they’re feeling right now? 

It’s a brilliant example regarding the sillhouette exercice in animation. To know if a pose works or not, you have to squint your eyes and focus on just the sillhouette. If it gets the message across, then you got yourself a great pose! And by god, is this show full of ‘em. 

The point of this is to make sure the character’s arms or whatever they’re holding doesn’t make the pose confusing. 

The human eye moves quickly! You can’t waste time figuring out what the heck is that leg doing when you should be following the story, right?

Let’s move on to another important principle when building poses; Line of action! 

When a character is doing a pose, their whole body has to move and OWN that action! 

That’s why the line of action is so important when you’re sketching- it makes sure the whole body is helping to do a single thing, and not doing other movements that would make the pose unclear.

(No, I couldn’t resist from using Dominator for this. Can you blame me?)

I could go on forever about this, but you can learn even more if you analyze the poses in any episode yourself! And, of course, use what you learn in your drawings, to make extra sure you got it. 

I know cartoons aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them! The more you broaden your artistic horizons, the more your art grows stronger, even if your goal is to draw realism or more anime like. 

On top of that, WOY is going through a hard time, and it’d be a true shame to loose such a brilliant cartoon. We need all the help we can get!

I’ll leave these awesome screenshots here, just because. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

Just some acephobic shit:

- “You don’t look asexual” (wtf is an asexual person supposed to look like?)

-“I thought you were asexual?” (said when an ace person acknowledges that someone is aesthetically pleasing, as if not being sexually attracted to anyone means you can’t appreciate a person’s appearance? Like…they’re ace, not blind)

- *dismiss and attempt to invalidate your experiences and feelings*

- “It’s just your personality”

- “You’re confused”

- “You’re just going through a phase”

- “Did something happen to you to make you this way? What happened to you?”

- *pressures you to share sexual history and asks very forward and personal questions, as if they’re trying to get you to prove that you’re ace*

- “That’s not natural. Something must be wrong with you. You should seek medical help.”

- “How can you not like sex????!!!11!!1! I feel sorry for you”

- *implies that they could “fix you” or change your mind if they had sex with you*

- *calls you a prude etc.*

- *thinks that you’re pretending to be asexual because you “can’t get laid"*

- *equates your sexual orientation with celibacy*

- *thinks of you as sick, damaged, or broken*

- *thinks you’re straight*

I just love this deflecting rhetoric when some fans (usually Daryl stans) try to cover their blatant racism fear for their white fave’s fate by claiming that it would make MORE SENSE for Glenn to die. 

Also, when comic book fans scream how “powerful” and “meaningful” Glenn’s comic death was. How it was, for whatever reason, “the peak” of his character development. And if the show will change it for some other popular white character it will “diminish” Glenn’s character and even “rob” him of this super cool (!!!) storyline. Yes, this sort of “meta” posts regularly pop in Glenn’s tags since season 3. 

Now, let me get this straight, in the comic book one psycho white asshole guy tries to prove a point to another white guy. And does it by gruesomely murdering the only Asian character (in the main group). By beating Glenn to death. Like some kind of an animal. I’ve read that issue, and I’m sorry, but that’s one BS storyline. 

That’s what they call the “peak” of Glenn’s character development? 

And then try to insinuate that it’s a “flattering” storyline for which, we, Glenn fans, Asian fans, should be grateful…

The only one who gets a character development out of this questionable arc is Maggie. Another white character. Don’t get me wrong, I love Maggie, and do think that she needs a character development, but not at the expense of the only Asian character on the show

Bottom line: if you don’t want your white fave to die, just say so. Don’t try to cover it up with some BS racist rhetoric (“I like Glenn but...”), that you think will make you look cool and progressive… or even “pro-POC” – if you post it in a character of color tag.  

It doesn’t. It just makes you look more racist in the eyes of fans of color.

In relation, this meta is 3 years old, but still valid:

Despite being a main character and having a major impact on the survivor group, Glenn’s presence is rarely acknowledged [by the general fandom], if at all. I made the observation that the only time his name even comes up is during death speculation. Only then does everyone remember him. He’s almost never discussed in terms of future story and how events might pan out for him and the Greene family.


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