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Davekat (also you kik name is the best name in existence)

Yes I know. You got a kik (insert something a fuckboi would say here) bc boy howdy am I desperate to rp w pple

  • G-Dragon:We write our own songs.
  • pple:OMG DID U HEAR THAT??11?!!! HE SAID EXO DONT WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS, HE SAID SHINEE DONT WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS!! HE SAID THEY SUCK!!! HE SAID HE HATES EXO AND SHINEE! wtf so rude omfg. Here's a list of songs that Jonghyun wrote, booboo, here's the receipts booboo.

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On another note I always wondered what the wasteland would be like for people who wear contacts. lol there is always glasses but those are prone to break. It would suck to be in the wasteland and just have blurry ass vision ):

There’s actually a trait in NV you can choose where you get +2 perception when you got glasses equipped, but a -1 when you don’t. 

“It’s a simple question, Gray.”

Gray slapped Juvia’s arm away from the blanket and glared at her.

“If I lift this blanket,” she repeated, “am I gonna be scarred for life?”

“Tch. Only cuz of its size.” Gray said proudly. Juvia began to tug the blanket upwards and he screeched.

She sighed thickly, dropping the blanket and folding her arms like a disappointed mother.

“Is there a reason you’re naked, in my bed?”

Gray scratched his head, attempting to recall what happened the night before.

“You know…if I had to guess, I’d honestly blame it on a-“

“If you blame it on aliens, I’m gonna kill you.” She deadpanned.

“That’s…not what I was gonna say – I was gonna blame it on a…pples. Apples. Apple martinis.” He said with a satisfied shrug.

“Get out.” She said flatly, presenting the open door proudly.

“What? No, I have no pants! This is a blatant misuse of my nakedness!” He hollered, she only laughed.

“And what other use is there, huh?” Juvia asked playfully, flopping down beside him in her bed.

“I think you of all people should know the many functions of my-“

“Sh. Stop. There’s a reason we’re not dating anymore.” Juvia said with a tight smile, pressing a finger up to his lips.

“Ugh. I forgot about that.” He mumbled.

“M-hm. Real eloquent too, breaking up with me, crocked as they come, because I was, quote on quote, too clingy.” Juvia said, deviously tapping his nose with her finger.

“Did I really? Are you sure that actually happened, because-“

“I said, shh…” Juvia reiterated, sliding her finger across his lips slowly, teasingly.

“Wha-wha-wha-t are you doing?” Gray inquired, excited and terrified.

“Well,” Juvia drawled, throwing one of her legs over his blanket-concealed torso and straddling him unceremoniously. “Just because we aren’t together anymore – doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, no?”

“I-I-uhm well if you’re into that then by all means-

Juvia silenced him by placing a slow, tantalizing kiss at the base of his jaw, sliding her hands up his shoulders. He eagerly grabbed her waist, fastening her body closer to his and accepting her kisses with happy and boner-ific compliance. Juvia moved her lips up closer to his mouth, teasing him and refusing to actually kiss him the way he wanted to be kissed.

“H-hey Juviaaahh-“ Gray groaned. Juvia smiled evilly, this was way too easy for her.

 “Take this off,” Gray murmured, tugging at her shirt lazily. Juvia kissed his forehead instead.

“Hmm…no thanks…” she mocked, kissing the top of his head quickly.

“You heard me…take. It. Off.” Gray growled, pulling at her shirt so hard a button popped.

“Oh! Look who’s awake…” She said, looking downward and sitting up higher so that she was much taller than Gray.

“H-hey what are you doing?” Gray mumbled woozily, in the heat of the brief moment, she had stopped kissing him and was now looking down at her work with sinister pride.

“Well…it’s getting kind of late…” Juvia sighed, looking at the clock. Only a few minutes had past since she had first confronted the situation.

“What the hell are you-“

“Put some clothes on. I have to get to work.” Juvia hopped off of Gray and fixed her bedraggled hair.


“Goodbye Gray, have fun taking care of officer wood!” She sang, skipping out of her room with glee.

Gray looked down south of the border and cursed himself. Hat woman was a witch – an evil sorceress…she was out to get him.

And he hated to admit it…but he was sort of ok with that.

petition for juvia the vengeful ex girlfriend to be canon