First AHS Hotel Predictions

Earlier today, Max Greenfield was confirmed to be joining the AHS Hotel cast (x). This follows the pattern of the casting announcements so far this year, which have been focused mostly on men and seemingly minor characters. And, most importantly, most of the men that have been casted look similar.

Because of these similarities, we believe that Sarah Paulson is going to be a serial killer this season. Serial killers have specific M.O.s that include choosing victims that look a certain way (or fall under a certain demographic), and by casting these men, RM has given Paulson’s character a group of victims—Bomer, Jackson, Greenfield, etc. He even seems to hint at this in Greenfield’s announcement tweet: he is “checking into the hotel…but not checking out.”

The theory is also supported by Paulson’s confirmation itself. When RM announced her return to AHS, he said that her character was “the baddest bad girl of them all.” (x)

Thoughts? Theories? Do you think Paulson will be the killer this season?