John Malkovich Shines in Brilliant Recreations of Iconic Photos by Sandro Miller

Sandro Miller (1958) is an American photographer (working professionally as “Sandro”) known for his expressive images and his close work with John Malkovich and the other ensemble members of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

The idea was to recreate 30 iconic images with Malkovich as the subject.

I chose John because deep in my heart, I knew he was the only actor who would be willing to morph into numerous subjects portrayed in the original images

Miller spent the eight months researching ever tiny detail in the photographs and making hires: a wardrobe stylist, a hair and makeup expert, and a set builder. The results are an astoundingly precise Malkovich-y replica. Just try not to laugh too much because, as Miller said, it was never his intent to create a parody of these works. There is not a trace of irony here. Just a genuine, wide-eyed appreciation of pop-culture photography.

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