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Irish Daily Mail - YOU / September 16, 2017 #RuthBradley #AidanTurner #Alarm #Poldark

From Ruth Bradley’s interview: One of her early Irish movies, Alarm, saw her play a Dubliner in a troubled relationship with a broodingly handsome young man played by another Dubliner: one Aidan Turner. ‘We’ve been great mates since then. It’s a small acting community in Ireland. There’s this running joke that all Irish people know each other. We’re, like, [huffily] “No, actually, we don’t.” But, yeah, we do!’ So that’s another sex god in her mobile phone contacts, then? ‘This whole Poldark thing! It’s just massive,’ she says. Is she a fan of that scything scene? ‘I didn’t sit down especially to watch it! But he’s a very handsome man. He hasn’t changed a bit and I’m sure he won’t. He’s a lovely boy.’ They occasionally catch up in London for a coffee and a chat. Does she tease him about his heart-throb status? ‘No, he’s so gorgeous, you wouldn’t tease him. He’s very self-deprecating anyway.’