ppl: robin tunney

I gotta tell you, I like to play the cards. I don’t have any time anymore like I used to. When I was unemployed sometimes I would be at the casino in the middle of the day. One of my favorite moments on the The Mentalist was when we did an episode we shot at a casino in Los Angeles. The [assistant director] came up to me and said, “Wait till you see the people in there. Total degenerate gamblers. It’s terrifying.” And I went to sit and play some hands at lunch and I knew like five people [laughs]. It’s fun. You have to be completely engaged. But it’s an incredibly chauvinist game. I played in it and didn’t think about the implications at the time, but they separate the men and the women at the [World Series of Poker]. They have a separate event for “ladies,” like there is a difference. It’s so 1950s.
—  Robin Tunney (from her bio on IMDb)

Aaaand it’s here!! The video I’ve been promising since last May…

I can’t apologize enough for taking this long to finish it. School and work and laziness and procrastination were always getting in the way.

It’s a pretty long video (almost 15 minutes), but I would wait to watch it until you can watch it the whole way through. You’ll see :)

Some backstory about the video: Shortly before Blue Bird aired last year, thetruthofhowifeel and I had asked the fandom to record their reactions to the episode and tag it with “tmreaction.” I wanted to make a video that showed the build up of Jisbon throughout the 6 seasons leading up to the confession and kiss in 6x22, then show fandom reactions. I also wanted to intersperse clips of the cast/crew talking about Jisbon because there was always that uncertainty of whether or not they would actually become canon, which just made it that much better when they finally did. 

This is meant to be a happy video, so I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome. Thank you so much to everyone who made reaction videos and to the entire fandom because I just love you guys. Enjoy!

But wait… Simon expected a different ending on the season finale? That’s interesting and makes me even more curious about the two hours episode! I mean he already said that he didn’t want Lisbon and Jane to have a romantic relationship and for him they were more like brothers and sisters. But that shows me now how he thinks about their “love” scenes and how he’s been affected by his thoughts. Some of us were a little bit disappointed after seeing f.e Lisbon singing and Jane behaving not that romantic, touching or whatever how he should be. Maybe Simon has really, not a problem, but a little fight with himself because he always thought about Jisbon differently?! He has to give his character realness but would probably act and behave not the same way… I thought about the whole season 7. Of course it’s great, amazing and so wonderful that we finally got Jisbon being together and another season concentrating on their realtionship connecting with their work but I think you can sometimes see that they’re just doing this stuff for us and that some things are not likeable for them. Don’t get me wrong but when you letting this thought inside your mind, I think you can see that Simon sometimes doesn’t like what he’s doing..maybe that he has to kiss Robin and so on…maybe he thinks it’s weird? I don’t know how to explain this, really…do you understand what I wanted to say?^^