ppl: lori lindsey

Morgan Brian instantly came to mind. Just to reiterate what everyone said, I think her just simplifying the game for us was huge. And I think the biggest thing for that is, yes, she isn’t considered that incredibly young, and I think it will be a lot sooner than eight years that she’ll be even more of an important piece for our team than she is now. But I think the key thing that was impressive for me was that she had played in some games already, but she stepped up at the end of the tournament in the most important and in the biggest games. Which is really difficult to do in this tournament in general, but also when it comes to our U.S. national team when everyone expects us to win, everybody expects us to be brilliant all the time. So for the youngest player, or one of the youngest players, I thought that was incredible. Plus, I think she allowed some brighter stars like Carli Lloyd to shine. Where I would say, leading up to those games, Carli was just about average, you know? And we all knew that she had more in her, but putting Morgan Brian in allowed Carli to step up and do what she does really well, which is score big time goals in big games and play a little bit higher up the field. So, I think if just a fan was watching, you wouldn’t see Morgan Brian, but if you know the game and you understand the position, then you would absolutely understand what she brought to that team in allowing the defense to be a little bit calmer and the attack run a lot smoother. Which is probably the biggest compliment I could give somebody in the game.
—  Lori Lindsey on who stuck out at the World Cup (13:20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmqG0ps-q0Q&feature=youtu.be

So many amazing things are happening here. First Holiday doing work to keep the ball in play against two defenders, then passing it onto Krieger who, herself, evades two Canadian defenders to send a pass to Sauerbrunn. Sauerbrunn swiftly carries the ball into the box, leading to the give and go between she and Press, which is pure soccer gold in and of itself. Lori Lindsey takes care of business, while The Broon crosses the ball to the isolated Syd, who easily finishes, what I’d call one of the most beautiful setups I’ve seen, with a perfect goal.