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Just a reminder of some of the stuff Jack Harkness has been through.
  • Born in the 51st century on the Boeshane Peninsula. It was attacked by an unknown creature, his Father was killed, and Jack believed his brother Gray, was also killed. 
  • Convinced a friend to sign up to fight an enemy, only to be captured and have to watch that friend be tortured to death before they let Jack go.
  • Joined the time agency, but left after discovering they had wiped two years of his memory. He became a time travelling con man until he met Rose and the Doctor in the London Blitz.
  • On Satellite 5 with Rose and the Doctor, he was killed by a Dalek, and then resurrected by Rose who had the powers of the time vortex.
  • He was left behind on satellite 5, and used his vortex manipulator to return to Cardiff to try and meet the Doctor. He ended up in 1869 and the vortex manipulator burned out, so he was stuck in that time.
  • Shot dead on Ellis Island in 1892.
  • In 1899, Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd found out about Jack’s immortality. They captured him and killed him repeatedly. He was released if he agreed to complete a mission for them.
  • In 1909, he traveled through Lahore with a group of soldiers he was in command of. All of the soldiers were killed by Fairies, leaving Jack the only one alive.
  • In 1927 met Angelo Colasanto, and after Angelo accompanied him to a warehouse to kill an alien parasite, Jack was shot and Angelo was arrested, believing Jack was dead for good.
  • When Angelo was released from prison a year later, Jack was waiting for him and told him he was only pretending to be dead. They went back to their room, where Angelo stabbed Jack and watched him come back to life. 
  • Jack was then chained up and killed repeatedly in a more gruesome way than the last by the people of the village they were in. 
  • Jack met Estelle Cole and fell in love. They fell out of touch and years later when Estelle was an old woman, Jack found her pretending he was her Jack’s son. Estelle was then killed by Fairies.
  • In 1975 had a daughter, Melissa Moretti with another Torchwood agent Lucia Moretti. Lucia entered Melissa into Witness Protection, and her name was changed, presumably to keep Jack away from her. 
  • December 31st, 1999, Jack returned to the Torchwood Hub to find all of the team had been shot dead. Alex Hopkins, the leader told him that the 21st century is when everything changes and they weren’t ready, before he shot himself in the head. 
  • Recruited Suzie Costello, Toshiko Sato from Unit Imprisonment and Owen Harper after his fiancee had been killed by an alien parasite. 
  • Took in Ianto Jones after Ianto persuaded him to let him join Torchwood Three, following the destruction of Torchwood One in the battle of Canary Wharf.
  • After becoming obsessed with a resurrection gauntlet, Suzie begam killing people just to test the glove. She ended up shooting Jack and then killing herself.
  • Discovered Ianto had been keeping his partially-converted Cyberwoman Girlfriend in the Torchwood Hub, and killed her.
  • After the rift was opened and Abaddon came through the rift, Jack was killed and remained dead for days.
  • After coming back to life, he reunited with the Doctor. 
  • Imprisoned on the Valiant and tortured repeatedly by the Master in the year that never was. 
  • Returned to Torchwood, and after being reunited with Captain John Hart discovered that his brother Gray, was still alive.
  • Adam altered the Torchwood team’s memories, which led Jack’s memories of his father and Grey to resurface.
  • Watched Owen be shot dead, but used the resurrection glove to bring him back, which condemned him to a life as the living dead.
  • Captain John Hart returned, and after setting off a series of bombs in Cardiff, took Jack back to the year 27 AD. John was being manipulated by Gray who blamed Jack for not saving him. 
  • Gray forced John to bury Jack alive, to let him suffer a never ending pain where he would come back to life, choking on dirt only to die again and again.
  • Found by Alice Guppy and Charles Gaskell in 1901 and was cryo-frozen for 107 years so he wouldn’t interfere with his own timeline.
  • Awoke from the cryo-freezer to discover that Owen had been killed finally and Toshiko died in his arms. Two people he recruited to Torchwood, killed because of Torchwood.
  • The 456 returned, looking for 10% of the world’s population of children. Jack had delivered 12 children to them in the 1960′s. 
  • The government didn’t want the history with the 456 to become public knowledge so had a bomb planted inside Jack’s stomach, which destroyed the hub.
  • Jack was blown apart and transferred to a Unit holding cell, where his body slowly regenerated and he returned to life. 
  • He woke chained in a holding cell, he was encased in cement to contain him. He was later rescued by Ianto.
  • Jack’s daughter Alice, and grandson Steven were taken hostage in an attempt to keep Jack silent.
  • After fighting their way into Thames House to confront the 456, in an act of war, the 456 released a virus into the air which killed everyone in the building, including Jack’s love, Ianto, who died in his arms.
  • Jack devised a way to defeat the 456, but needed a child to do so. In order to defeat the 456 and save the millions fo children that the 456 wanted. Jack sacrificed his own grandson to defeat them, killing Steven and destroying his relationship with his daughter.
  • After six months of travelling to try and deal with his pain and guilt over the death of Ianto and Steven, he returned to Cardiff to close The House of the Dead, where he met Ianto’s ghost. They confessed their love for each other for the first and last time, as the House of the Dead was destroyed with Ianto still in it.
  • Jack left Earth, believing there was nothing left for him on the planet now.

And that’s not even the half of what he’s gone through, I’m sure!

am i allowed to be angry that Torchwood, as a show, and Janto as a couple, aren’t more appreciated?

the show came out TEN YEARS AGO in october, and the MAIN CHARACTER is an immortal pansexual time travelling badass played by an openly gay man who is the leader of an organisation who deals with alien threats… who just so happens to fall for one of the MEN on his team, who, to begin with, was the ‘dispensible’ character.. he was the teaboy who never went out on missions. AND NO ONE CARED THAT THEY WERE TOGETHER. it was just accepted. i didn’t hear one homophobic slur towards them until the shit storm that was series three. like…. they started off as two guys who were clearly lonely and wanted some comfort who were subtly flirting, to sleeping with each other, then they end up dating… but do you know what the kicker is? that ‘teaboy’, by his own admission, was ‘straight’ before he met his boss… he flirted with him from the first day he met him, but he was ‘straight’ .. a direct wuote from him: “It’s weird. It’s just different. It’s not.. men. It’s just him. It’s only him.” and he only ever really explained this to his sister. no one fucking cared in this show that it was a gay couple who was the main couple. they were fucking, and no one cared. they had an english blokey-bloke, who could have been a homophobic dick, but he never was.

the actor who plays the ‘teaboy’? he’s straight,in real life, but he still flirts and kisses John and doesn;t give a fuck. also the rest of the cast are so fucking awesome. they’re all chiildren, i swear. i’ve met most of the cast now, and they’re hilarious, inappropriate, and you can just tell that they all love each other. AND I’M GETTING EMOTIONAL AGAIN, OKAY? BUT THIS SHOW MEAN TO MUCH TO ME. before things like glee? this show was the thing that you watched as an LGBT+ and/or questioning teenager and it just helped, y’know? this show was here for me as a 13 year old, i can never thank this cast enough.



You guys please tell me I’m not the only one that is DYING for a filler episode completely dedicated to Captain Jack Harkness becoming the Face of Boe. I mean yeah we know how it happens but wouldn’t it be cool to like watch it all go down? Like imagine how amazingly awesome that would be.

It didn’t take long for that party gene to kick in. We headed back to our digs and the five of us–Eve, Burn, Naoko, Gareth, an I–had a blow-out night together. We drank too much, laughed too much and sang too loud. At one point, Gareth hit his head on an antique brass bell and we thought we’d killed him. The landlord complained about the noise (more than once, if I remember correctly.) and then he accused Burn of moving the bathtub. Have you seen the size of Burn? The bathtub had to weigh 500 lbs.
—  John Barrowman remembering the filming of Countrycide in his autobiography, Anything Goes