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Studio 90 Extra Time: Christie Rampone, Pt. 2 - Reece Race


Remember the USWNT? This is them now. Feel old yet???


HEY USWNT! Here’s a picture of a ball I got signed by none other than the awesome JILL LOYDEN!! Whats that matter to you, you ask?! Well I happen to be GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE!!!!!!!! (I included a picture of myself with her, incase you didn’t believe me, but you trust me, right?)

Why would I do such a thing you’re probably wondering?! Well, it just so happens to be right after she took this marvelous picture with me, she also asked me how I was doing, which is beside the point… but she also signed my jersey! Sooooo I’m trying to be a pal here and give this away to a true fan of the #1 ranked team (for the last 5 years mind you).

ALL YOU GOTTA DO is reblog or like this and I’ll go through and find someone who deserves to have this magnificant piece of US HISTORY (well sorta) on display in their home sweet home!

Now, I’m trying to be a super nice person by giving this away entirely for free, and IT IS! But if you maybe wanted to help with a few bucks for shipping, I wouldn’t be mad. But hey on the other hand, I wont be mad if you can’t, we’re all broke these days, I know. Anyways, if you can, I’ll be awesome'r and include a few free uswnt decals with it!! WHAAAT!! You can stick them to all of your prized possesions (probably not your cat). Anyways have fun reblogging, I’ll pick someone later this weekend.