ppl: jill loyden


Remember the USWNT? This is them now. Feel old yet???

This is Jill Loyden. Also known as the 3rd string keeper on the USWNT. To me she’s something more.. she’s my cousin… my family. That little boy in her arms in Madden. He’s the son of Jill’s sister, Britton. Britton passed away back in February. So Jill has been there for him a lot. People don’t usually think of her or say her name when they hear USWNT. Which totally sucks. She’s on the team for a reason. She’s a great keeper and the best role model ever. I look up to her for everything. Soccer, God, diet. She’s an amazing person and an extraordinary athlete. I’m glad I can call her FAMILY. Good Luck in the rest of the Olympics, Jill.