ppl: jake abel


Plot: imagine comforting Luke Castellan about his low self-esteem after the battle against Cronos.

Couple: Luke Castellan x Fem!Reader.

A/N: Yeah, once again I’m bored soooo please don’t hate me. Just enjoy the dialogue between the characters and love Luke because he’s a cinnamon roll who deserves to be loved.
« Luke? Luke, listen to me, okay? You’re not the bad guy. It wasn’t your fault but Cronos’. »
« You must hate me. So many people got killed because of my choices… I don’t deserve a second chance. »
« Sometimes I think you’re just an asshole, yeah, but that you’re evil? It’s impossible. It’d be like seeing Nico wearing a rainbow t-shirt, or hearing Percy saying something clever. »
« But I— »
« Yeah, I know. You raised Cronos and start a world war three. Fine. Someone died. Cool. But everyone here forgave you years ago. And I’m not going to leave you because of your past: I wasn’t there and honestly I don’t care. I love you now, because of who you are in this moment, not because of you were before. I love you because you are Luke. Not a thief, not a demigod and certainly not a traitor. Just Luke, a smart guy with beautiful eyes and a beautiful mind, who can do everything he wants. The guy I started to know and that now I love with all my heart. »