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J2 panel from seacon17

  • Jensen to Jared (picture #1): you love it when I direct. I see how many days I can get Jared off… 
  • Jared (Picture #2): if he body swapped with Jensen lol 
  • (picture #3)Fan just guessed that dean would love a lazy boy and a flat screen TV. Jensen: you’re freaking me out 
  • (picture #4) Jensen will direct next season! 
  • No they don’t read fanfic. Jared (picture#5): but you do your thing. Jensen: whatever floats your boat 
  • Jared and Jensen went bowling yesterday (picture #6) and Jensen’s nickname is Bowlegs. 
  • Jared (picture #7): Sam always tries to do the right thing 
  • Jensen to Jared (picture #8): you can’t rim shot your own jokes! Lol 
  • Jensen (picture#9): demon dean and Meg could’ve been like war of the roses 
  • Jared (picture #10):  : we did something for season 13 yesterday


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Intentions. [Cockles]
  • Jen never intended on ending up like this but somehow he found himself lying on Misha’s bed.
  • He never intended to get drunk on one of their little Hiatus Parties.
  • He never intended to eventually wink at Misha and think he’d come away with it like this.
  • He never intended to kiss Misha, to kiss along his perfect jawline – down to his gorgeous hipbones.
  • He never intended on ending up worshipping every part of Misha’s body.
  • He never intended to actually end up getting laid by his stunning co-star, getting his brains fucked out.
  • He never intended to maybe, just maybe fall in love with the other man.
  • He never intended to come out just like this.

It never crossed his mind that being happy could be that easy:
Because of Misha.

Okey – maybe all of it was his intention.

Same Jensen. Same.💘💕😧