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Welsh Accent

I’m from America so I really love the sound of anytime Gwen says something with her very strong Welsh accent, sounding particularly Welsh (like the way she says Earth or Owen). I just love the Welsh and British accent. And to my ear Gwen seems to have the thickest accent but I wouldn’t know for sure obviously. I kinda even wanna learn how to do it, lol I know that sounds weird

Torchwood cast responding to the BBC America marathon

I don’t want the excitement around the marathon dying down so quickly, so I thought I’d make a post compiling some of the things John, Eve, Naoko, and Kai tweeted or retweeted on Twitter!

John posted great videos for the first day of the marathon and the second day, and the video Eve made that Kai commented on is here. Honestly, just look at Eve’s entire Twitter page. She was so lovely and interactive throughout the whole thing.

I hope those of you who got to watch some or all of the marathon (either through BBC America or your DVDs) had a lovely time and kept a tissue box nearby!


“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”