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A MoonKnight / CaptainAmerica Love Story
Author: @winterstar95 (AO3) / Artist: @kurozawa46 (AO3)

“A phantom appears on the streets of LA, wielding a Captain American shield, Wolverine claws, and Spiderman webs. The police are after the vigilante hero, and Secretary Ross wants his head. In far off Wakanda, Steve Rogers decides he must intervene and stop the hero before someone gets hurt. Everyone warns him not to get involved. Steve’s a wanted man and not the hero all the world once looked upon as the paragon of bravery, courage, and valor. But he cannot ignore the possibility that someone - another person - might get hurt because of him or his inaction. Going to LA is a risk Steve is willing to take. It sets him on a collusion course with fate and with his former team mates. As the world around him unravels, and Steve begins to understand what it means to be a man without a team or a country, a mysterious man with torments of his own steps in and everything Steve knew changes.”

CHAPTER 1. (read on AO3)

“It’s not a good idea, in fact, I think it’s your worst idea yet,” Sam said as he leaned against the door frame. Steve threw a quick glance over his shoulder at his friend and only grimaced.

CHAPTER 2. (read on AO3)

“Good meal?”
His senses went on high alert. But when he looked up it was only a man – about Steve’s height but a little leaner in build.

CHAPTER 3. (read on AO3)

“You don’t know me,” Steve said and his hands dropped into his lap, useless but needy.

“I do. I know that you only wanted to do good, all of your life. I know that you set an example for the rest of us. That you make me want to do good, that this mission I’m on from a lost Egyptian god should be ludicrous for someone like me, a Jew with a family history that goes back to Nazi concentration camps. But you make me believe that even I – someone who lost their way and stumbled and fell – fell so far I can’t even confess it to you – that even I can do good. I know you, Captain. We all do.”

CHAPTER 4. (read on AO3)

“This disruption-.”

Marc stopped him. “My life has been a disruption all along. I’m not a conventional man, Steve. I haven’t led a life that is going from point A to point B in one direction. It’s taken me quite a while to get to where I am, wanting to do good. Part of the reason I’m here is because of you.”

CHAPTER 5. (read on AO3)

Every alarm bell in his damaged, split brain should have gone off and warned him away. But Marc had always been impetuous and rash. He enjoyed living wild and free. He loved skirting the edge of the cliff, running on the precipice of the road, banking too close to the curve. Heat radiated through the moment and if he didn’t close in, if he didn’t try for it, the moment would be smothered and die. It seemed so simple, so easy to do.

He leaned forward, clasping the hand in his own. Tilting his head ever so slightly, he watched and then closed his eyes and made that leap of faith. A leap that gathered all the suns and moons in the universe and brought their power to bear.

CHAPTER 6. (read on AO3)

As Buck brought the S-92 lower to the ship, Marc flung himself out of the side, his cape catching the wind as it was meant to do. It felt a lot like flying and he reveled in it for only a second before shooting his web toward the main smoke stack of the cargo ship. 

CHAPTER 7. (read on AO3)

“Okay, but we have to take our time,” Marc said and lowered himself on top of Steve who shuddered with such pleasure, that Marc returned the favor. “God, you’re a sin to be made again and again.”

Steve smiled in return and that set his blood to boil. He ravaged Steve’s neck as he squirmed beneath Marc. Even as Steve searched his body, his big hand touching just the right places, Marc explored and tasted. He teased and bit at Steve’s nipples, catching the nipple between his teeth and tugging just enough to stretch it and edge toward pain but still so much pleasure. 

CHAPTER 8. (read on AO3)

That didn’t matter because Marc’s Captain was in front of him, beside him. They would fight the good fight together, side by side with a team Marc could trust. For the first time, he knew acceptance and love.

“We’re nomads,” Sam said and nodded. “A team without a country.”



Author: @winterstar95 (AO3) / Artist: @kurozawa46 (AO3
A Collaboration for CaptainAmericaReverseBigBang2017 @capreversebb

I bet pre-serum Stucky was just an endless stream of, “Friends totally do this, right?” They loved each other but they were dumb and had no clue.

*holding hands* “Just two guys being pals”
*cuddling* “We are the best of friends”
*kiss on the cheek* “FRIENDSHIP”

So then in the future, that starts up again, and Sam is just really done, like, “No, Steve, I’M your best friend. HE’S your /boyfriend/.” And Steve and Bucky turn and stare at each other for a minute, and then Bucky suddenly grins and says, “You know, I like the sound of that.”


Captain America and Deadpool Fact

Steve is one of the few people that Deadpool truly respects, due to the fact that Captain America was Wade’s childhood hero. Since both Steve and Wade gained their abilities as a result of experimentation, Steve empathises with Wade, and he is one of the few heroes shown to genuinely like the Merc with a Mouth.

You Need a Maid? Chapter 18

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: G / PG13 / R
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs: #1Nite (One Night) - Cobra Starship

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As soon as Natasha was back from her next mission the two of you took off for your four-day vacation. The rest of the team complained at first, wanting to know what they would do for dinners and what about the laundry. You didn’t want to hear it, though, and told them to order pizza and wear their underwear two days in a row. Suffer through it boys.

With Summer still in its prime, nothing sounded better than the beach and boardwalk. There was no better place for boardwalks than Jersey shore. You piled into your SUV and took off for Jersey. Even though it was only an hour and forty minutes away, the farther away from the facility you got, the better you started to feel. Seaside Heights or bust.

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Every you Every me (5/?)

Pairing : Tony!Father x Reader!Daughter x Steve x Avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst, memories(?

Summary: You are Tony’s daughter, everything was normal until you recall your past in your nightmares.

A/N : THIS IS TONY’S POINT OF VIEW, and I know, grammar…. 

Word Count: 3600

Chapter 1    Chapter 2.1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3   Chapter 4 

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It was raining, it was pouring, the raindrops collided with the thick glass of the Tower, but the strong thunders didn’t compared with the other noise.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y?” I said with a tired voice and a yawn.

“Yes Mr. Stark?” the A.I. answered.

“What’s that noise?” I asked, I was still focused on fixing the iron man suit from the last mission.

As always, I was in the lab, my music blasting from the speakers while I was singing on tune into the darkness of the night, surrounded by different lights and a big cup of coffee.

“Miss Y/N is awake” F.R.I.D.A.Y said.

“Why? It’s 4 am, what’s she doing?” I asked confused, I paused the music and I get up from my chair.

“She’s slamming her head against the piano” F.R.I.D.A.Y said relaxed.

“WHAT?!” I rushed all over the Tower, while I was approaching I heard how in fact, she was slamming her head against the piano keys.

“Why” slam “Can’t” slam “You” slam “Remember” slam “Anything?”- she said over and over again while slamming her head.

“Hey, stop that” I place a hand on her forehead before she slammed her head once again.

She didn’t even blinked an eye, her forehead was still on my hand, her eyes were focused on the key notes, and first I thought she was asleep, but then she spoked.

“I’m sorry I woke you” she said, and I heard the hurt in her voice.

“C'mon you didn’t, I don’t sleep sometimes at night, you know?, better things to do, but, what’s bothering you, sweetheart?, something you wanna talk about?” I tried to make her look up, but she didn’t let me saw her face, she covered it with her small hands.

“My brain has better thing to do I guess” she said with a sad chuckle.

“What do you mean?” I asked but she didn’t answered.

I felt bad for her, this was like the third time in the week she couldn’t sleep, but I understand her but I can’t do anything. I wish I know how to make her feel better, but thing is, i don’t. All of this was new for her, this place, this feelings, even me. She knew I was her father, we were a family but it’s been just few months since she knows me and vice versa, and no matter what I’ve done, she keeps on hiding things from me and I don’t know if she sees me as his father. 

“Okay, so why did you came here? did you remembered a song?” I asked trying to make her feel better.

“No. I mean… I heard a song on my dreams, but thing is, I don’t remember how to play piano or if I used to. I don’t even remember the lyrics of the song… it’s…gone” she said while turning around, her fingers touching some key notes.

“Well, that’s for sure a big problem” I said, I was looking at her face, she was tired, so tired, not for the lack of sleep but for trying to remember every part of her life.

“You know? I just wanted to play a goddamn song but I can’t” she said, pain and sadness in her voice.

“Yes you can and you will, right now” I said to her, if she wanted to play a song to feel better, we will play a song.

“W-what?” she asked with a small smile, sad but still a smile

I searched for a tutorial on youtube, I hand her the video and she spoke after few seconds.

“I-I know the song, i have listened here, in the Tower” she said, her eyes were still watching the video.

“So, you know the lyrics?” I asked her and she nod. “Fine, then you’ll sing” I told her before turning my attention to the keyboard.

“What? I don’t sing” she said with fear.

“You’re my daughter, of course you do” I told her.

I didn’t gave her time to reply, I started playing the old song I’d learnt years ago. I looked at her and in her face I saw all the meaning for ‘confusion’, I chuckled and I stopped playing.

“Okay, again, this time, sing, okay?” I told her with a smile, again she nodded.

“1,2,1,2,3…go” I said before playing and I thought she wouldn’t sing so I was went slower this time, until I heard her.

“You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey…” she sang, her eyes glued to my hands.

“You’ll never know dear how much I love you please don’t take my sunshine away” this time she looked at me and she smiled, that made me smile too, so I kept going.

“The other night dear as I laid sleeping I dreamed I held you by my side, When I awoke dear I was mistaken and I hung my head and cry …” this time we both sang, and first she was impressed when she heard me, then again she smiled, wider this time, and I felt like I was doing the right thing.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey, you’ll never know, dear, how much I love you, please, don’t take my sunshine away…” We were singing, she was happy and I was too, just because, for the first time in weeks, she was smiling.

“I’ll always love you, and make you happy, if you will only, stay the same but if you leave me to love another you’ll regret it all someday…” this time she didn’t sang, but when I looked at her, she was watching me, this time i didn’t saw confusion or fear, I saw she was in awe, she was grateful.

I returned my attention to the piano few seconds before finish that verse, when I felt her hugging me, she had her eyes closed and she said in a quiet voice 'don’t stop please’ and I do what she told me to. But I was thinking to myself, was she like this before everything?.

We approached the final verse and I heard her sang again, this time I let ger finish alone, I just wanted to listen to her voice.

“You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know, dad, how much I love you, please, don’t take my sunshine away” she ended and now the impressed was I.

“You said you couldn’t sing, you’re such a liar” I told her with a chuckle and she laughed.

“So you were right, huh?” she said after she stopped hugging me.

“I’m your father, that’s my job” I told her with a tired smile.

“So I’m going to be the stubborn” she said with a yawn.

“Smartass, like you’re father” I told her and again, she laughed.

I was smiling while I was looking at her, the way the moonlight shined in her skin, her eyes were bright with tears, this time I didn’t worry about that, they were tears of happiness, she had a huge smile on her face, you just could feel the happiness from her. And I kept watching her in seconds, the way she made simple things, like how she sits or how her nose and eyes wrinkled a little when she smiled, or even her full body language, and i realized that indeed, she was mine, I do everything she does, in the same way and I was happy to know that I wouldn’t be alone again, because now my job was to keep this girl safe and sound, I wouldn’t let anyone take my sunshine away from me, again. 

“Hey, by the way in few months you are going to know new people” I told her and she opened her eyes widely.

“What? who?” she asked, she was kind of surprised. 

“Friends. Don’t worry about it, you’re gonna like them” I place a hand on her shoulder and she relaxed a little. 

“Friends? the kind of Peter or more like, you know civilians?” she asked, her eyes looking at me in confusion.

“I think the kind of Peter, don’t worry they’re good people, just stay away from Barnes” I told her with a smile. 

“I’m making no promises here, that smile totally tells me otherwise” she said with a chuckle.

“Okay, but at least make pranks on him, he has a metal arm” I said with both eyebrows raised. 

“What?! What kind of people I’m going to meet?!” she said with a laugh. 

“Let’s see we have an assassin, grandpa’s, a witch, birds, bugs and maybe a cat” I told her with a stern voice. 

“Whoa, what kind of friends you have?"she said with a smile and a chuckle.

"Weird ones, but they’re gonna be a family to you, I’m sure” a told her with a yawn and a smile.

“What’s that smell?"she asked after sniffing something gross. 

"Shit!” I said after rushing back to the lab, and I heard her laugh.

“Starks, what happened?!” I heard someone in the other side of the comms.

“Starks! where are you?!” A female voice said this time.

I open my eyes, everything is dark, still F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice is still working, but I can’t see anything so I take the mask off. Everything is fuzzy and I can hardly listen, I can’t remember anything for minutes, my eyes are looking at the sky, snow is falling, big pine trees around me, and ashes… ashes?

I got up in a minute and I stumble to the ground, I try to balance my body and  again I look around. This place is a mess, many debris everywhere, fire. My head tries to remember and join the dots and then…

“Y/N!” I screamed when I recalled.

My eyes look at every visible spot in search of her, of something that belongs to her, I screamed again and over and over again until tears and pain wins over it, and I fall to my knees.

“Tony! where’s Y/N?, where are you?!” I heard Steve’s voice but I can’t answer.

“Tony, where’s Y/N?” he asks again, this time I know he is trying to act strong, but I know he’s in the same page as me, we are broken.

I heard Steve asking for my last location to F.R.I.D.A.Y and I got up, I walk between the ashes and snow looking for her. I call her name countless of times, I ask F.R.I.D.A.Y for the last position of her iron suit and it says 500 meters away. I turn my body towards the where she’s supposed to be and I just want to die, I don’t want to go there, there’s a big pile of debris and I know the worst, she’s under all of that.  

Somehow I rushed there, tears, blood, sweat are running down my face, but I don’t care at all when I reach the place. A shaky breath leaves my mouth when I see everything in front of me.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y look for vital signals” I told to the A.I. and I don’t know if I want to hear the answer.

While F.R.I.D.A.Y is seaching I started to remove the rubble, in the worst case, I had to take her home, I need it to see her again even if she was gone. Every stone is heavier, my arms are getting tired, tears wouldn’t let me see and I just scream into the cold forest.

“C'mon Y/N, we gotta go home, we need to make this hot chocolate you made me buy, just- just” I cried again, I just wanted to give up and then I heard F.R.I.D.A.Y.

“Sir. There’s a low heartbeat” and that’s the push I need it, the adrenaline is making things work faster, because, there’s now a chance that’s she alright.

I heard the Quinjet arrive when I found her, her blue iron suit its broken, it have  holes and you can see her skin with dried blood and dirt, the iron has stains and scratches everywhere, the eyes are not shining, but I don’t care, she’s inside, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said she had pulse so I took her out of all those ruins, I placed her in the soft snow and I tooked her mask away.

Her face is pale, more pale than the snow, her eyes are closed, bruises are coming out in her cheeks and beside her lip. She’s bleeding from her nose and mouth, her hair is full of dirt and blood. Her lips are dry and broken. There’s no color in her skin, she looks dead, she even have the dry path of her tears on her face and all of that breaks my heart.

“No, no no no… sweetheart, Y/N, please open your eyes, you are safe, I’m with you, please…” my tears collide with her face but she didn’t reply in any way.

“Please don’t die on me Y/N” I told her once again, this time I held her against my chest and I kissed her head.

“C'mon, open you eyes, please, please…” I look down to see her, but blood keeps running down her face.

“Please, don’t take my sunshine away” I begged to the sky.

I heard people approaching, I knew all of them. I even heard when Steve’s shield fell into the ground. I heard him screamed her name, I heard his tears and pain, I heard his pleads. I knew too, that the team was holding him, they didn’t want him to see her that way, no one wanted it. Soon after I heard everyone falling apart, Steve was still screaming her name and I truly prayed she could listen them, maybe that way she would be back.

When she didn’t came back I tooked her hand, it was bruised and cold. I closed my eyes while I held her in my arms, and then I felt, her little fingers where softly squeezing my hand, I opened my eyes, I looked down at her and her eyes were opening a little, but she was alive.

“Y/N” I said under my breath, but it was enough for everyone to come close.

“She’s alive!” I said and soon everyone started to move, Clint went to the Quinjet with Bruce, Natasha and T'challa, while the others stayed to help.

“Stay with me Y/N, don’t you dare to close your eyes” I told her trying to sound calm, but i wasn’t.

“Wanda, use your powers to take her to the Quinjet” Steve said, he was in panic too, he was shocked, afraid, he was a huge cocktail of emotions.

I let Wanda take her and in those few seconds I saw her eyes closing and I panicked.

“Hurry up everyone! She needs a doctor now!” I shouted for everyone to keep going.

We all hurried to the Quinjet, Steve was by my side, he didn’t know what to do, neither me, she was in the middle of the ship and Bruce and Wanda beside her, trying to keep her conscious. For both of us, everything was in a slow motion, Bruce told Sam to keep Steve away and I was just focused on her fragile body, her grey skin, the dried blood on every visible spot, the-

“Tony! take her suit off!” I return to present after Bruce shouted again.

I quickly grab her wrist to deactivate the whole suit. The broken parts didn’t let her body so Vision help me to take everything off her, when she was only in her original suit Bruce ordered me to leave, but I just couldn’t bring my body to move, until Vision and Sam tooked me out.

Sam disappeared to go an see on Clint, Bucky and Natasha. Wanda, Bruce and Vision were trying to bring back Y/n, while T'challa and Thor were calling Dr. Cho. So I was with Steve in the breaking point, thoughts running in my head, thinking in all the possibilities but mostly, her face, she appeared dead and nothing could take out of my mind. I looked at Steve his leg was bouncing up and down in a high speed, his breathing was fast and loud, his hands were on his hair and tears were falling from his chin.

“Steve” I said but he didn’t listen, I called him again but this time I placed a hand on his knee, maybe he’ll turn around.

“She’s dying Tony and I can’t make anything to help her” he said with a sob.

“They’re no gonna let that happen Steve, she just gotta hold on until we arrive to the Tower” I said trying to stay calm, but I wasn’t.

“I shouldn’t had told them to split, maybe she-maybe she would be alright now, fuck” he said once more with tears on his eyes, he hung his head and again his hands went to his hais.

“Hey, Is not your-” I tried to comfort him when we heard a scream, coming from the the room where she was.

“Y/N! Come back! Come back! Tell everyone to hurry! go!” we heard Bruce voice.

Steve and I were on our feet in a second, we saw Vision leaving the room, he was worried, he looked at us.

“Vision, what’s going on?” I asked with fear in my voice, but Vision went to see Clint.

“Vision! what’s happening?!” I shouted but he didn’t turn, he dissappeard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Steve screamed a top of his lungs.

“Calm down Steve!” I told him but I couldn’t bring myself to do other thing.

Vision returned and Steve held him.

“What’s happening Vision?” Steve asked with fear and anger on his voice, Vision looked at me and then back to Steve.

“We lost her pulse” Vision said and he closed his eyes.

My eyes drifted to the room where she was, I was denied the situation under my breath over and over again and I didn’t realize that I walked there until Vision appeared infront of me.

“Don’t go inside” He told me, he was keeping me out of the door.

“She-she isn’t dead” I said in a low voice, my eyes weren’t looking at Vision, I wasn’t looking at anything at all. 

Just the thought of her dying made me fell on my knees, I didn’t knew what to do, my head was thinking and thinking but my body didn’t knew what to do. I listened to Bruce counting from 1 to 3 and then the defibrillator. Wanda’s voices echoed into that room, she was begging her to stay, Bruce repeated the same line three times until I heard Wanda crying. 

“You can’t leave Y/N, come back please, come back” she said over and over again. 

“Once more Wanda, help me” Bruce asked her. 

“We arrive in three! Prepare everything, Cho’s ready!” Natasha said through the speakers. 

“She’s back!, she’s back!” Bruce shouted over and over again.

I looked at the door with hope, she was alive, she was there, she was fighting. Vision helped me to stand up. He moved me away from the door, I was waiting to her and so Steve, we we’re looking at the godamn door and few seconds after the red ribbons of Wanda appeared, she leaved the door rushing when the Quinjet landed, I saw how much she cried, she avoided my face and Steve’s and she took her out from the room.

“Y/N!” Steve shouted but Wanda and Bruce rushed inside the Tower with Y/N.

“Y/N” Steve ran behind her.

I saw him running behind her, his shield was in the Quinjet beside me. I couldn’t bring myself to go after her, I saw everyone going behind her, tears in their faces, we feared for the worst and I was just watching, pleading with no words.

“Tony” I heard someone beside me, but I didn’t turn around.

“Tony, come on let’s go” I looked at the hand on my shoulder and then I saw Clint.

“She was everything I had left, and I can feel her slipping through my hands and I just want her to stay” I said with a sob.

“Tony, she’s going to be alright, she’s with Cho now, she’ll not let her go” Clint said, still he had fear on his voice.

“And she’s your daughter, I know she will stay here to annoy you” Clint trying to comfort me.

I looked at him, his eyes were puffy and red, tears were on his eyes. I nodded and we walked to the Quinjet. Every step was hard, I was getting close to her, close to know if she was dead or alive, close to say goodbye to the little joy of my life or to see her bright eyes again, closer to bury the last Stark or to see their smile again.

Everyone was outside the medical room, waiting impantiently, Steve was nowhere to been seen, like Bucky. Natasha and Vision were comforting Wanda, T'challa was looking at something in his hands, Sam was in the floor, his back on the wall, his face buriend on his knees, and Thor was there like frozen, he didn’t move, he was looking at the door, waiting.

“Everyone, come with me” I said hardly speaking, but it was enough for everyone to look at me.

“What?” many of them asked, while other were confused.

“Y/N is there fighting for her life Tony! She’s your daughter!” Wanda screamed with sobs.

“I know that” I said in a quiet voice.

Everyone was confused with my actions even me, but I need it to do something, for her, for Y/N.