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@imbrettdalton: Go. See. This. Play. @indecentbway is easily the most deeply moving play I’ve seen in years. It’s a beautiful play about another beautiful play that brought us all to tears tonight. If you’re in NY, do NOT miss this. Shoutout to my incredibly talented classmates @maxgmoore & @adinaverson and the incomparable genius @indecent17 (x)

Iain is like my best friend. He comes over a lot. And he really loves hanging out with Sylvia (5), they’re like best friends. Which is kind of cool actually. He like saves her artwork and all that. They’re like really buddies. I hang out with him the most socially.
—  Brett Dalton on his favorite Agents of SHIELD cast member, Toronto ComiCon 2017
  • S1: Handsome Agent Ward-turned-Traitor Ward
  • S2: Scheming Ward
  • S3: HYDRA Director / Madman Ward-turned-Some Other Dude who's using Ward's body
  • S4: Virtual Ward
  • S5: Demon Ward
  • S6: Kid / Aged Down Ward
  • S7: Old Man Ward
  • S8: Mermaid Ward
  • S9: FrankenWard
  • S10: Ward doesn't appear this season. But the MCU version of Brett Dalton does. In the MCU, Brett is an Oscar aWard winning actor/director.