CLOTHING FOR DISABLED PPL UPDATE so I’m in the process of moving but by June 10th I will have available:

  • a weighted vest with a chewable drawstring and a hood. v deep BIG (fit an ipad inside) sized pockets with fringes inside. you can chose to close it with big snaps or a zipper. lots of space in the armpit. the trim and hood will be a different color/pattern than the main, and you’ll be able to buy many different colors or sizes. 
  • all these come in every size. it’s priced by size and thin ppl have to pay too
  • trim and sleeves will all be in different colors
  • everything will come in space/plant or plain designs
  • all the pockets can fit an ipad mini in them and will have fringes inside for stimming
  • all fabric sensory safe and approved by my v sensory conscious butt
  • a cropped jacket with a chewable drawstring and a hood. also huge pockets. big snaps or a zipper to close. fleece lined sleeves. sleeves, hood, trim all different colors. many different colors and sizes
  • late 1960s-type sleeveless tent dress with the same giant pockets, and one small breast pocket for cash. neckline will be a small collar that isn’t tight. zipper down the back. many colors and sizes
  • a cropped tank top/undershirt with a medium scoop neck. cap sleeves and trim in a different color. 
  • a big oversized long t shirt with a zipper down the back. a small scoop neck that isn’t tight. 8 inch sleeves that are huge. giant pockets, again. many colors and sizes.
  • cropper long-sleeve shirt with 17 inch sleeves and a large scoop neck. sleeves and trim in a different pattern. more many colors and sizes.
  • cropped, highwaisted, big-pocket “men’s style” sweatpants with kind of fitted but not tight pant’s legs. many colors.
  • drawstring shorts that are just big and comfy with huge pockets. lots of colors.
  • just above the knee godete skirt with optimum “look pretty when spinning”ness. same with lots of colors and big pockets
  • SHOES that are breathable. hard to describe but they’re similar to a high top converse except they’re buttoned over with snaps so you don’t have to tie your shoes bc tbh i can’t tie mine
  • also totally willing to accommodate any disabilities if ppl need things changed including adding a zipper down the back of things so wheelchair bound friends can put them on

right now i have 

noise muffling beanies/headphones in plain, plant/space designs

soft jewelry, which is a sensory friendly and cute necklace/bracelet that comes in many patterns and colors.

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Modern film criticism isn’t even film criticism. It’s just bullying now. It’s racing on a bandwagon to tear down a film you didn’t enjoy or a film you’re encouraged by other critics and bloggers to not enjoy. It’s finding actual glee and celebration in films that flop, and in boasting superiority of a preferred franchise. Its about making self-aggrandized posts disguised as film criticism. It’s making endless videos trashing directors not because of their character itself but because of characters they direct onscreen.

When a man knows he will be bashed and made fun of and lied on from countless popular bloggers and critics for stepping down from a project and is forced to announce something he wanted to grieve in private, it’s time to face the reality that modern film criticism is collective bullying in disguise. Because what should be “I didn’t enjoy this film” or “this director’s style isn’t in my taste” is now actually “all the people who worked on this film should be punched in this face” and “this director ruins everything and hates his mother”.

It’s freaking outrageous and shameful.

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You know what I don’t get? Is how you can just suddenly not like a ship. People will go from loving them, being so dedicated to their once “OTP” to suddenly throwing them aside because they found a new ship or they got bored. How does that even work? There are ships I don’t pay much attention to anymore but that doesn’t mean I stopped shipping them, I don’t like them anymore or I moved on to a “better” ship. I question your loyalty? They will be like “oh my gosh they are so real!” to “I don’t like them anymore. It’s boring now.” Like ??? This is the same with people, bands and such too. I honestly don’t understand.


A ton of anti-ace/aro shit in this mess is about painting aces and aros as horrible and evil to the point where it’s okay to treat us as something other than (a real, diverse group of) people.

There are a number of ppl extremely dedicated to this and I think that’s a huge part of the reason why shitting on aces and aros has become kinda shockingly common here in circles where you’d not have expected it. I mean, literal blatant troll posts (such as the “arobot” one even though it was from 2-3 years ago) will easily get thousands of notes talking about how bad and privileged aces and aros are. Even though it’s absurd.

Then ppl will take shit a single person or two said without any support (”ala”) and claim it was a Thing in our communities overall. Again they’ll spread lots of posts with hundreds and thousands of notes about it.

Aside from this, they’ll take actual widespread problems in our communities (that are also widespread problems in other communities) and use them to demonize us including those of us harmed by these very problems (so that you get for example white ppl acting all smug about racism in the ace and aro communities as if it’s an ace/aro thing, which is bizarre).

And I know I suck at not engaging ppl spouting bullshit a lot of the time lol, but honestly? It’s really not worth it usually. Most ppl who come across like they hate aces/aros in this because they do stuff like talk shit about “ace tumblr” or ‘jokingly’ call themselves “aphobes” really really do. They’ll say they don’t and then they’ll support ppl spamming our positivity tags or tell us to not talk about our orientations or compare us all to horrible ppl.

So they won’t change their views. If you call them out for something they can’t easily refute or otherwise make them look bad in a conversation, a ton of the time they’ll get extremely nasty, or simply stop responding (which when you just called them out for something really shitty that they then don’t ever address is… well). They’ll also frequently do this when they ask for evidence for shit and you present it. Often they will ask just in the hope of being able to pick that evidence apart, or probably of being able to accuse you of making crap up.

So like. What I think is most important here is to spread posts that show how the anti-ace/aro shit being flung around is bullshit and toxic and does real ppl real damage. So ppl not so deeply involved in this mess can easily see how harmful and absurd it is to call us “ace tumblr” with a scoff and paint us as evil. And that’s a big reason why I put way too much time into this post regarding proof of anti-ace/aro shit on this site even though I initially never wanted to make it.

So I think I’ll try (not for the first time, wish me luck lol) to engage ppl spouting bullshit even less and focus more on making posts that sum shit up and explain important things about anti-ace/aro crap in this mess.

pretty much every issue w/ aro/ace discourse solved in this post

  • you cant oppress people w/o power. lgbt ppl cannot oppress other ppl on the same axis of oppression they exist on. if ace ppl are oppressed in the say way lgbt ppl are then lgbt ppl could not oppress them
  • concept of ‘allo’ attraction is not defined. its impossibly difficult to define the most ‘normal’ amount of attraction ppl could possibly deviate from given intersections of racism, homophobia, transphobia, mental illness, and ableism
  • oppression is far deeper and more systematic than individual acts of discrimination. you cannot look at the politics of microaggressions lgbt ppl and poc face in order to define asexuals as oppressed
  • the lgbt community is not a fun group made for love and support in a harsh cishet world. it is a group of ppl looking to survive with limited political power and resources bc cishet ppl will give us none
  • the aspec community rarely NEEDS to stop applying aspec terms to the lgbt community bc they simply don’t work
  • aspec community could use actively working to create their own resources and safe spaces and communities instead of demanding lgbt ppl change their safe spaces to cater to them bc many of these spaces exist SOLELY to talk abt sex, safe sex, and pda
  • that would literally make EVERYONE happy. aspec ppl can talk about being aspec, w/o the risk of aspec ppl who are triggered by that content being triggered, and lgbt ppl do not have to misinterpret disgust over these topics as homophobia/transphobia
  • yeah it can be hard to create your own spaces but that is what lgbt people did while we were few in numbers and being systematically murdered the least the aspec community could do is try for the benefit of their own members
  • legit everyone wants lgbt spaces that are not bars, but its not like cishet ppl will let us have them at all
  • stop comparing lgbt ppl to pedophiles, rapists, or sex obsessed freaks. i dont care the context or circumstances. stop it. unless the INDIVIDUAL in question is actually a pedophile or a rapist do not compare lgbt ppl to them. that is homophobia 101 and it doesnt suddenly become okay bc ur ace
  • hypersexual aces exist. aromantics who have sex exist. stop making jokes about how sex is disgusting and wrong and spreads disease or makes you an idiot. like at least give ppl on your side that respect.

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Who are the multishippers who like wincest and love Cas that you know of? I need these people on my dash. :-)

atm i only remember like 5 blogs? sorry ajdjkshjkas

@daryl-on-rick (even tho this nugget has a TWD blog now)

i’ve seen some on @unforth-ninawaters, @punkdean, @chevroletdean, @patrcolvs‘s blogs but im not sure they 100% ship it. 

anyways, they are all good beans 10/10 would follow again

Winners of the art raffle!! (Not bonus first XDD I haven’t choose)
  1. kandiicandyy ~ 1st place @kandiicandyy
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  3. ask-indyandjaejeu ~ 3rd place @ask-indyandjaejeu
  4. notch0607 ~ 3rd place @notch0607
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  6. pandacat-jj ~ 4th place @pandacat-jj
  7. lixthenala ~ 5th place @lixthenala
  8. sleepysheep-seany ~ 5th place @sleepysheep-seany
  9. zagadka251 ~ 5th place @zagadka251
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DEADLINE OF REQUEST(Mean I will change ppl if you didn’t request) : 31 May 


This might be a completely unpopular opinion, but I’m willing to see how ‘the bride of the water god’ goes. I’ve seen so many opinions going against with it’s change of scene to modern era instead of historical, nam joohyuk being casted as the main instead of who they expected to be, etc. I respect all the criticisms (like I was so disappointed with cheese in the trap) but I’m still willing to rate this drama based on it’s content, and I hope joohyuk will be able to change ppl’s minds too.

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come on guys stop asking why gay ppl hate Straights, why trans ppl hate Cis, why poc hate Whites, and why women hate Men! u rly wanna know? why dont u learn a little bit about our history for a second or maybe even turn on the news?? thats right u can still kill us and get away w it!😃 still confused bc ur a Good One and u would never hurt a Gay? congrats now go use ur Privilege Powers and get the rest of ur ppl to change their ways thx have a nice weekend🌼 also google exists? leave max alone

Last ask I’ll be posting on the subject.