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name | Naomi
nicknames | nomey/nik nik/nomers
zodiac sign | libra
height | 5'8
orientation | straight
nationality | american
favorite fruit | raspberries
favorite season | fall
favorite book | The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
favorite flowers | lilacs
favorite scent | my mom’s fabric softener tbh
favorite colors | corals, grays, greens, and blues
favorite animal | cats, dogs, and goats
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | c o f f e e
average sleep hours | like 10-12 idk
cat or dog person |  bOth
favorite fictional characters | dean winchester, castiel, benny lafitte
number of blankets you sleep with | 1-2
dream trip | Norway, Sweden, Alaska….all the cold places
blog created | July 2015
number of followers | doesn’t matter, I love all my meme followers with all my meme heart 


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

original character bio template.

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Mother’s Full Name:
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hello!! you probably know my blog if you’re tagged and you probably also have no idea what my name is or what i’m about so here: i’m bee, i’m a brown muslim girl who grew up in dubai but my parents are indian, also i’m pretty gay

so i’ve been on tumbler.org for about four or five years, and left, but i came back in early summer 2016 after i read throam. i didn’t really do anything with it besides make shitposts and ramble about my life which is why i was so surprised when i found out im getting closer to 1k, and i decided to do this thing (that literally no one asked for now that im at one thousand followers wtf??)

anyway here’s a little thank you to every single mutual that has tried and failed to be proper friends with me and still stuck around even though i couldn’t really be friends with any of them bc my offline social handicap decided to follow me here as well, and to every mutual who’s been so incredibly nice to me, and every mutual who i see in my notifs and every other blog that doesn’t follow me back but has inspired me to keep this up (keep what up lmao) alright im gonna stop rambling

fav blogs are bolded <3 (i’m sorry for annoying your notifs lmao this is probably a one time thing don’t worry)(also think of this like a blog rec since i maybe only really talk to four or five of these but all of these blogs are 10/10)(also there’s A LOT of blogs because i follow like 4000 people wtf how did that happen lmao this is gonna look messy idk how to tunmgler)

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rly disappointing to have marina go out and make an album that she wrote entirely herself and co-produce with one other guy, about her personal emotional growth and finding happiness that reached #8 on the billboard 200, gave us new singles for five months, obviously really cared about the visual and aesthetic world she wanted to immerse us in, only for yall to be like:

…………so when’s EH 2.0 coming out we need some new bops



dis isn’t a selfie tag so y'all don’t have to post a selfie (unless you want to). it’s valent*ne’s day today n i wanted to do something for some of my mutuals today! dis is just me telling y'all det i lov you all wit my big ugli heart n det y'all mean a lot to me!…unless you dun like pineapple on pizza n like raisins,, block me (just kidding sidjshshshhadhhs)

(also!! my other mutuals n followers!!! i also love y'all wit all my heart 😤✊🏼💞)

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2017 is just a few days away, so I thought now would be an appropriate to post my follow forever for this year. 2016 has overall been rough, ngl, but I have had some great memories too. I have gotten to know a lot of cool people ((some I am lucky enough to call my friends)) and I just wanted to take this moment to thank every single one of you for filling my dash with beautiful posts on the daily. It would be a pain without you!! Hover over your URL to see a little message from me and happy holidays!! 💕💕


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