Where are these Flintstone fans suddenly popping out from? DC puts out a comic and now y'all are stanning for Fred Flintstone and co. from the good old days of Hanna Barbara? We all know that wasn’t some cherished, important life changing part of anyone’s childhood, so chill. Don’t read the comic, it’s not that hard.

bc uh honestly

a Lot of ppl have changed who follow me and its like. do i really want to let everyone know i wanna kiss rocket raccoon 

why do people act like taylor swift was this awful demonic person from like 2010-2013 like she has always been an angel yeah she had her problematic moments here and there but yall act like she wasn’t a good person until 2014


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)


Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass, and Gina Torres talk about Joss Whedon at DCC

Q: I was wondering what your favourite moment was with Whedon?

Video Masterpost - Edinburgh, UK 03/06/14


the only explanation i can come up with for dean being back in purgatory is that sam’s going to catch dean and cas making out and dean’s going to be like, “look…it’s not a big deal” and sam’s gonna be like “HOW CAN U SAY THIS ISN’T A BIG DEAL” and dean’s gonna be like “well, actually, we’ve been fucking since purgatory”

*flashback to cas and dean fucking in purgatory*

What these goofs are tryna sell me
  • Briana: is pregnant
  • Briana: takes a 10+ hour flight to see her baby daddy
  • Briana: doesn't take a 1-5 hour flight to see her baby daddy the two whole months he was on the same continent as her
  • Briana: is 4-5 months pregnant and left home and left her doctors to go to a one direction concert and stand in front of fans where the only fan to see her was in a mutual with Simon cowell at the same show Simon cowbell is at
  • Me:
  • Me: wow I can't think of a single reason why I wouldn't buy this blindly
original character bio template.

► basics;

Full Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status: 

► background; 

Place of Birth:

► physical;

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Tattoos, Birthmarks, Scars, etc:

► relatives; 

Father’s Full Name:
Father’s FC:
Father’s Status:
Father’s Occupation:
Mother’s Full Name:
Mother’s FC:
Mother’s Status:
Mother’s Occupation:

► relationships;

Ex-Significant Other(s):
Reason for Separation:
Current Significant Other:
What They Look For In Others:

► personality;

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

► misc;

First Book They Read:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Music Artist:
Favorite Subject: