CLOTHING FOR DISABLED PPL UPDATE so I’m in the process of moving but by June 10th I will have available:

  • a weighted vest with a chewable drawstring and a hood. v deep BIG (fit an ipad inside) sized pockets with fringes inside. you can chose to close it with big snaps or a zipper. lots of space in the armpit. the trim and hood will be a different color/pattern than the main, and you’ll be able to buy many different colors or sizes. 
  • all these come in every size. it’s priced by size and thin ppl have to pay too
  • trim and sleeves will all be in different colors
  • everything will come in space/plant or plain designs
  • all the pockets can fit an ipad mini in them and will have fringes inside for stimming
  • all fabric sensory safe and approved by my v sensory conscious butt
  • a cropped jacket with a chewable drawstring and a hood. also huge pockets. big snaps or a zipper to close. fleece lined sleeves. sleeves, hood, trim all different colors. many different colors and sizes
  • late 1960s-type sleeveless tent dress with the same giant pockets, and one small breast pocket for cash. neckline will be a small collar that isn’t tight. zipper down the back. many colors and sizes
  • a cropped tank top/undershirt with a medium scoop neck. cap sleeves and trim in a different color. 
  • a big oversized long t shirt with a zipper down the back. a small scoop neck that isn’t tight. 8 inch sleeves that are huge. giant pockets, again. many colors and sizes.
  • cropper long-sleeve shirt with 17 inch sleeves and a large scoop neck. sleeves and trim in a different pattern. more many colors and sizes.
  • cropped, highwaisted, big-pocket “men’s style” sweatpants with kind of fitted but not tight pant’s legs. many colors.
  • drawstring shorts that are just big and comfy with huge pockets. lots of colors.
  • just above the knee godete skirt with optimum “look pretty when spinning”ness. same with lots of colors and big pockets
  • SHOES that are breathable. hard to describe but they’re similar to a high top converse except they’re buttoned over with snaps so you don’t have to tie your shoes bc tbh i can’t tie mine
  • also totally willing to accommodate any disabilities if ppl need things changed including adding a zipper down the back of things so wheelchair bound friends can put them on

right now i have 

noise muffling beanies/headphones in plain, plant/space designs

soft jewelry, which is a sensory friendly and cute necklace/bracelet that comes in many patterns and colors.

etsy link


Hello guys!! How have u been? I hope u are doing well ^^ So that’s time to to celebrate my blog 2 year anniversary and make follow forever and say how much I love everyone here!! It’s already 2 years of of my blog and I can’t belive, cuz I haved a lot of blogs that i dropped, but I’m really happy that this shit didn’t happend with this blog. I don’t know why, I mean: I was in many fandoms, but anime fandom in general is something different for me? I’m pretty sure that I could drop this blog too if not YOU, my dear followers. I still don’t know what attracts people in my blog? i wrote simillar thing in my first follow forever too lmao nothing changes Some ppl where with me like from the start? I still see them liking/rebloging my stuff and I’m really happy with the fact that they didn’t got annoyed by me lol. I really want to thank u all for being with me all this time, for your support, for your presents to me, for all asks you sent to me! JUST THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT AND I HOPE TO CELEBRATE HERE MORE ANNIVERSARIES!

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Modern film criticism isn’t even film criticism. It’s just bullying now. It’s racing on a bandwagon to tear down a film you didn’t enjoy or a film you’re encouraged by other critics and bloggers to not enjoy. It’s finding actual glee and celebration in films that flop, and in boasting superiority of a preferred franchise. Its about making self-aggrandized posts disguised as film criticism. It’s making endless videos trashing directors not because of their character itself but because of characters they direct onscreen.

When a man knows he will be bashed and made fun of and lied on from countless popular bloggers and critics for stepping down from a project and is forced to announce something he wanted to grieve in private, it’s time to face the reality that modern film criticism is collective bullying in disguise. Because what should be “I didn’t enjoy this film” or “this director’s style isn’t in my taste” is now actually “all the people who worked on this film should be punched in this face” and “this director ruins everything and hates his mother”.

It’s freaking outrageous and shameful.


I,,,, I’m drawing one piece fanart??? Finally??? after all these years of watching it??? I’ve also over come my “I hate the new stuff” But here have some old one piece! Younger Usopp and Middleage!Sanji! (BcIlovethosefillers)

my over the garden wall posts serve two (2) purposes

  • expressing my love and appreciation for it as a beautiful, life-changing series
  • getting ppl to rewatch/watch that shit…….. bc it is a beautiful, life-changing little series

anyways i do not care who you are do not come for nor have a say in a young girl’s body. that isn’t your place nor will it ever be. not just the kpop industry, not just western industry - but society got some ugly nerve to say what a young girl can and cannot look like. forget that and your ugly ways. leave girls alone. they need positivity and ressurance that they can and be whatever they want and that self love is the best kind of love no matter the size / shape of their bodies and more. they should never be criticized over their bodies all the time.

yall ,,, i think im just nonbinary idk ive never rlly felt like a trans guy, ive never really felt connected to either gender at all and honestly trying to pass all the time is really tiring and only makes my dysphoria worse if that makes sense?? like i wanna be seen as neither but thats not rlly a thing in our society so i settle for trying to pass as male but even then i dont feel like i belong with males, cis or trans, and idk i guess im most comfy just being marshall and not having to deal with gender roles or expectations

but im already out as a trans guy to EVERYONE irl and i cant just go back on that bc everyone will be like grr ur a transtrender grr ur in a phase grr ur gender isnt valid rawr theres only 2 genders


and i know lots of ftm guys look up to me n shit but like,,, im nothing like u guys. i call myself a boy bc its easiest but like ?? im rlly not either one and i dont connect to either one

the only thing abt me is that i relate to the way gay guys love each other so thats what makes me feel inclined to call myself a boy u feel me??

idk guys asdfjfjfgh i never rlly addressed this here bc i was confused abt everything and like im one of those ppl who changes their labels 800 million times so i just stopped using labels for a while

and honestly the only reason i started identifying as a trans guy was bc i was dating a trans guy who didnt believe in nonbinary genders and i was basically forced to come out as ftm when i wasnt ready to come out and didnt feel comfortable identifying that way sooo rip

but i realized the reason i dont fit into the trans community and i dont like being called trans is because id rather be called nonbinary LOL so

on the topic of pronouns, i like they/them but no one uses them for me irl so i dont really know how i feel about them i guess. ive gone by he/him for a long time now and im used to it and it doesnt feel wrong or anything so i guess ill keep going by both but if some of u could use they/them for me more often thatd be cool bc i have no one i know in person who uses them for me ;0;

idk i might change my mind again later idkidkidk im still thinking abt things but

i guess this is me Officially™ comin out 2 u guys as nonbinary ?? woop

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Hello guys, Here’s my 2nd Following Spree… I have unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and there’s some ppl changed their blog style. Know my dash is almost dead :“) So if you’re reblog some of these Like or Reblog:

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