• fandom:tony stark is an asshole. that's it. that's all there is to him.
  • tony stark:*rebuilds the tower with custom-designed rooms that all the avengers can live in* *calls his bffl sourpatch/platypus/honey bear* *buys his gf a giant bunny for christmas* *keeps his dad's old robe even tho he's not 'sentimental'* *sacrifices his life for 8 million people* *gives his best friend a billion dollar suit he built with his own hands* *offers to fly coulson out to portland for a weekend with his cellist gf* *establishes a real empathetic human connection with bruce* *gives the avengers a place to live and builds them cool gadgets and quinjets* *remembers happy's fave tv show is downton abbey bc it's elegant* *makes an impotence joke while staring down loki asgardian* *threatens bad guys bc they ruined a dora the explorer watch he borrowed from his friend* *donates entire garage of mechanic stuff to small budding mechanic harley* * cares deeply abt lawn maintenance* *squeals like a five year old girl when he finds a secret door in the lab of a secret spy organisation* *actual worst nightmare is watching his friends die around him and not being able to save them* *accuses clint's kids of being tiny agents* *is a multidimensional multifaceted character*
  • fandom:ok bUT

religion definitely makes people narrow-minded. if you don’t have anything good to say towards our LGBT people, then shut that filthy mouth.

can i just take a minute to talk about why i love yuu and shinoa’s relationship so much tho

yuu is a boy who spent his time w/ the hyakuya kids insisting that no one was his family and that he was alone, even though that’s not how he truly felt toward them. when he lost them all and escaped the vampire city, he finally admitted to them all being a family together. 

but he was too late. everyone he loved had died and when he began to get close to other people - guren, shinoa, yoichi, kimizuki, mitsuba, etc - he was quick to confess that they were important to him and he was fierce and intense about it. “i’m not gonna let anyone in my family die again!” is the kind of stuff he would say. “we’re a family now, right? you don’t betray family.” THIS BOY knows what it is to lose everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. if he’s going to care about people again, he’s going to make damn well sure that they know, and he’s going to do his best to protect them.

and then there’s shinoa, who was raised without any sort of familial love in her life. who doesn’t really know the passion of love at all. a lot of her siblings dont even share the same mothers - pretty much everyone she’s related to is cold and power hungry. and she meets this incredibly outspoken boy who declares his only purpose is life is to obtain revenge for his late family. and he has passion. so much passion. desire to avenge people he loved. desire to become strong. desire to protect people. she’s probably can’t understand the depth of his feelings because she was raised without exposure to any of this at all

and its just. shinoa is there with the other members of their squad to remind him that he has a family. that there are reasons to live, beyond becoming a revenge-seeking crazy person. in fact, she INTRODUCED HIM to a majority of the people he calls family now. because of her, he has a family to protect again. and yuu. oh yuu. he’s there and shinoa is learning for the first time what its like to love. do you know how beautiful that is? how hard it must be for her to process the feelings but how she might revel in them?

AND LORD they’re constantly holding hands, or reaching for each other as a sign of comfort or acceptance or encouragement and it just makes my heart burst. i cant wait to see how much their relationship develops as the manga goes on i started crying in chapter like 32 or 33 or which ever it was when shinoa told yuu to listen to her orders and he held her hand as he promised to comply.

people keep saying that their relationship doesn’t make sense but i think that’s because they are blinded by the overwhelming affection mika and yuu have for each other which is loud and obvious and shinoa and yuu’s relationship is much quieter and much much, more subtle. it’s a beautiful thing i can’t wait to see where it goes ahh.


Kyungil commented on a post of Yijeong gifs in the cafe. Everyone had been commenting about how cute Yijeong is and:

“Right, so cute you could die right?? ㅋㅋ Sorry but he’s mine ㅋㅋ”

tips for taking notes on SAT prep:

-headers are the best way to keep things organized and flowing
-there are a few different sub-types of questions for each section of the SAT (ex: critical reading —> sentence completion —> vocabulary-in-context) so it’s nice to include those as well
-example questions are srsly the best (there are tons of them here, as well as a full practice test here)
-fill in the spaces w/ reminders you want to keep at the forefront of ur thoughts
-also birds are cute & easy to doodle so that’s a bonus

another great resource is the official sat study guide which is this huge blue book that looks super intimidating, but really isn’t. it also contains tips for the psat (score!!) & it broke things down super nicely for me. if money is an issue, there are cheaper copies available on amazon, as well as tons of free, easily-accessible help online.

good luck!!

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hi i'm new to the fandom can you recommend some good blogs??

omg i’m not as involved with the fandom as i want to be so i might not be the best person for this

but ok here are the rad people that frequent my dash (aka basically all the pjo blogs i follow bc why would i follow if they weren’t A+ quality?)

sexualpercy faizhang thetitancurse ricksriordan seaweedbraln sevenheroesofolympus blackjacktheboss carterkanee kiohne somethingmorecreative1 anahbethchxse nicosshadows eeehmacareyna shadowtravel olympan annaethchase perseass perseabeth axollo drewtauaka reynaromana olympusisbleeding olympiandemigods magnschase greekhalfblood demlgod wlsegirl perceidon romanhalfblood avatarreyna nicodorkangelo cherryandsisters jercy-shore hellazhang preatoreyna sexualjason holyaphrodite ahnabeth tartarhus tartarusterror percyyoulittleshit percabeth-is-endless percysjacksoned annabethisterrified annabethase annabetthchase istolethelightning suchastart

my main squeezes: avatarrara seaweedbraens aceaang psychohannahlyze chaserpercy


Hi!!!!!! I’ll be at Anime Expo this year and here are (most of) my wares!!! I will have special bundles of my Naruto and Pokémon merchandise at discounted prices, so please stop by!

The beautiful and wonderful rainingcats and I will be at B100, The Low-Cal Calzone Zone!!!! TY for the map, Alu! I will be cosplaying (casual) Gaara on Friday (or Saturday)!! Yells!! I will also wear an Akatsuki cloak on Sat…maybe!! Who knows!!!!!! LMFAO
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I think my biggest problem with Jon Stewart saying “people aren’t born polygamist” is that people aren’t born monogamist either?? As a matter of fact, a way better case can be made for people actually being born polyamorous instead of monoamorous.

When it comes to sexual/romantic attraction to one person versus many people, the majority of reactions are learned, not inherent. It’s all socialized. The only reason children think you can only be with one other partner at the same time is because they are not exposed to any other option. All the confusion and drama that results with being told that if you’re in a relationship and you find someone else attractive, you don’t love your current partner - that’s dangerously close to feeling like gaslighting.

I’m in no way equating the poly struggle to the LGBTQ+ marriage issue, but I also don’t think Jon Stewart should’ve made the comparison to refute FOX’s point because 1. poly LGBTQ+ people exist, 2. healthy consenting adults choosing to be in an open and honest relationship with more than one person is hardly a nature vs nurture issue, and 3. the comparison’s obvious implication was that we’re just doing it for “attention” and our identities are not as real as sexual orientation.