blogrates + aesthetics

ok so i’m doing blogrates for the first time!! and bc i’m feeling nice i’m also gonna do lil aesthetics based on/inspired by ur blog too! (format + aesthetic example under the cut)

if u want one:

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rip me if this flops

(blacklist ellie rates if u don’t wanna see them!)

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so  this  is  CRAZY  !  i  honestly  have  no  idea  what  i’m  doing  on  here,  if  i’m  being  HONEST.  this  is  my  first  anime  blog,  &&  i’m  pretty…  EXTREMELY  NERVOUS  about  it.  so  i  can’t  believe  that  it’s  been  just  a  FEW  SHORT  DAYS  &&  there’s  already  200+  of  you  following  me.  saeran  is  a  muse  that  i  CARE  so  much  about,  so  though  i’m  still  getting  his  blog  started,  i  wanted  to  say  THANK  YOU  to  a  few  people  who’ve  already   made this  experience  WORTH  IT. 

first  thing’s  first,  credit  where  CREDIT  is  due  for  the  ART  in  this  banner.


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why do aphobes, when they (incorrectly) ‘’’simplify’’’ our identities to just being ‘we dont wanna fuck’, act as if thats a Perfectly Acceptable Thing Actual Straight People Would Accept ?????????

if Actual Straight People heard someone say they dont like sex under any circumstance and do not want it (ESP if they’re repulsed) they would immediately other them + insist something was wrong w/ them

(+ HINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

do you love hayley kiyoko? have you been listening to her ep citrine nonstop? do you accept hayley kiyoko as the Savior and Queen of the Gays™? if so, the citrine network is for you!

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anyways i think that’s it, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and thanks for reading!!

@peskylilcritter @meabhair I’m aware we don’t really know each other but I thought you’d like to see a continuation of @suzukiblu‘s upbringing swap!AU. I dunno who else would be interested. I just vaguely recall who liked the last part I wrote.

Anyway, here’s part 2! For those interested that haven’t read part one, here it is.

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