no offense but ppl making jokes about the whole marina joyce situation are really ugly and gross… like the girl is battered up and bruised like crazy and she clearly looks uncomfortable in her videos (which she does all the time for a living). whatever type of situation she is currently in (drugs, abusive boyfriend, kidnapped, wHATever), doesn’t mean you can crack jokes and be mean by using this topic to create a meme. 

quick tips:

- if your character is drunk and you’re doing a para or a gif chat, don’t type as if they’re drunk. maybe write how they’re slurring their words and connect words with dashes but don’t actually write the way they sound

- if your character is drunk texting/tweeting and you’re sober, close your eyes and try not to lift your fingers off of the keyboard while you type. drag them along the keys with your eyes closed and then check for excessive typos because you dont want there to be a misspelling every single word

  • what he says:i'm fine
  • what he means:in mtv scream's timeline jacob fitzgerald died just several days ago yet another guy is already all up on brooke when in reality the death of a significant other would be so traumatizing that it would take months or even years to get over. in conclusion the writers of mtv scream are messy and dont understand the concept of time, mourning, and respect

girls + cute concepts

If I’m going to be ‘too’ anything, 'too cute’ is fine. I love puppies. So what? Who hates puppies? —  Zooey Deschanel

to the people sending me concerned messages about Shance and how I’m not into it anymore, I’m still gonna ship it actually. I had to ask numerous people what they thought what “late teens” meant and they all answered 17-19 so I’m gonna take it.

Lance shall be 18-19 because I’m a desperate child for my fucking ship.

you know what bothers me about islamophobia, other than the seriously harmful effects it has on millions of people worldwide, is how it is never ever based on something factual? i have never seen the cool anti-sjw edgelord types on here have a problem with islam for some good reason - it is always IT PROMOTES VIOLENCE BC THE QURAN SAID KILL EVERYONE, or else ISLAM IS MISOGYNIST (the two most common ones i’ve seen). and for a community that prides itself on its fact-checking and ~logic~ this is actually laughable - because to understand islam you have to read the quran IN CONTEXT

let me repeat that


which none of you people have done. i have yet to come across an intelligent, well-researched argument against islam that isn’t sourced by known biased, islamophobic websites. you people keep quoting the same verse from the quran over and over again claiming it says to kill all non-believers, without ever reading it in context (the context is war and it says you are allowed to defend yourself against those who oppress you in conditions of war) and then you pat yourself on the back for being so ~progressive~ and telling the muslims their religion is Wrong. or else you’ll use the hijab to claim islam is misogynistic and doesn’t give women their rights when the opposite is true - islam gave women rights 1400 years ago when women weren’t even considered to be people by the majority of the world. but nope, you made a horribly researched post about how islam oppresses women, go you! you really taught us! i feel so liberated now!!! thank you so much, O Wise People of Tumblr dot com!!!

you people keep saying shit about our prophet when none of you have ever studied in detail the sort of life he lived, the way he behaved with his people and other minorities and women, but you are quick to claim he married a 9 year old and other disgusting shit without taking into context the time period people lived in then, and how society was different. you just want to prove that you have some sort of high moral ground when it comes to religion, and islam is archaic, old-fashioned and backwards. well, congratulations. the only thing you’ve achieved, in my opinion, is to look ass-backwards in your own community which prides itself on fact-checking, logic and not buying into propaganda and edgy bullshit about social justice issues.

sorry, this got longer than i meant. i’m just really upset because a person whose blog i enjoyed, whom i am friends with, posted this kind of thing and it broke my heart, honestly. i’m not asking anyone to agree with my religion all the time, i’m just saying, as a bunch of people who pride yourselves on your Intellect and Logic, use some of that damn intellect and logic and do your fucking research. islamophobia is an actual thing and yeah it’s an ugly label, no one wants to be associated with it, but whoops, tough titty, son, your actions are actively harmful for millions of people worldwide, so i’ll thank you to keep your poorly researched, shit opinions to yourself.


can y’all stop shitting on jikook? their relationship is not onesided or unhealthy. jungkook isn’t an asshole and jimin isn’t a whiny puppy who hopelessly follows kook everywhere he goes. whether somebody likes it or not they are real, close friends. you don’t have to ship them romantically to acknowledge their friendship and respect it. i assure you that if jungkook treated jimin badly, jimin wouldn’t be so fond of him and wouldn’t care for him so much because jimin isn’t a fucking pushover and he doesn’t take shit. thank you.

this is not a follow forever...

….. but there are so many people on this website i lovelovelove so consider this a giant squish hug from me to you!!! i couldn’t have made it through a year and a half of BG without you guys, and our epic bounce-back time, our meme-ing abilities, and ppl to cry over louis with. it was impossible for me to include everyone i love & follow bc my memory is worthless but even if i didn’t tag you, ur included too. promise. so anyway. thank you all you’re all beautiful lovely ppl and i’m glad you exist

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