Honestly make up is not gender neutral at all

I was socialized since birth to want to be as “beautiful”(adhere to cis centric and euro centric beauty standards) in order to get the attention of men. I still struggle with unlearning this. Only women are socialized to do that.

Anytime I so much as wear nail polish to school, I get called slurs, pushed into lockers, am made to feel unsafe, etc. only trans women have to deal with that.

There are constantly jokes in the media directed at me specifically that centers around the notion that a masculine looking person putting on a dress and make up is literally the funniest thing ever. Only trans women have to deal with that.

So, no, make up is not gender neutral. It SHOULD be, but it’s not. And just pretending that it’s gender neutral helps no one. How can we deconstruct these misogynistic and transmisogynistic notions if the tumblr radiqueers keep putting their heads in the sand and pretending there’s no problem?

I was gonna make a post about how white ppl can respectfully ‘celebrate’ Cinco de mayo but I changed my mind. Fuck yall.

Don’t fucking dress up for it, don’t bring it up like it’s some sort of super bowl sunday, don’t even breathe a word of it unless you’re scolding your friends for thinking it’s the perfect excuse to get drunk and hit a piñata

You don’t get to demonize and mock immigrants/Mexicans 364 days a year just to shove it all aside and make an ass of urself when u think u can appropriate a very important event in our history for funsies

  • what i say:i'm fine!
  • what i mean:why do ppl insist on portraying gajeel as this guy who is inherently evil and can't restrain himself from violent urges who will ultimately hurt levy, who swears at her every five seconds, who treats her like crap why??? who treats jet and droy with distain? why does nobody ever consider that gajeel was v likely a very troubled child who had the unfortunate luck of coming across actual walking piece of shit Jose Porla? why does nobody ever consider the levels of manipulation Jose would've done to Gajeel (and others in PL) when he came to him??? why do ppl ignore his character development in favour of portraying him as something just short of an abuser when he's shown himself to be anything but???????? WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK GAJEEL IS INHERENTLY AN EVIL GUY???????

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Where can i read marvel comics?

ooh ok so basically if you’re new to comics (u might not be idk) then i suggest finding a character you’re interested in and starting there 

if you’re a better person than i am u can read them legally here:


  • the #comic masterpost tag is a good place to start
  • here’s a civil war masterpost, a daredevil masterpost, a cap & bucky masterpost, a black widow masterpost, a wanda maximoff masterpost bc like i wasn’t going to include her and some general ones with a bunch of stuff (x) (x) (x)
  • there’s also some sites here: (x) (x) (x) (x)
  • more generally speaking there’s torrents which is what i use most of the time but it’s a bit more difficult bc u sometimes will need to know issue numbers and volumes

if you’re new to comics and want to start with marvel then i suggest starting off with something like

also if you plan on reading them on your computer you’re going to need a program like CDisplayEx otherwise there’s a list here for mobile devices 

i hope this helps!!! im no expert myself i only started reading comics late last year but if you have anymore questions i’ll try to answer them!! 

that “black trigger warnings” thing i see alot of black bloggers doing as a joke is really annoying because firstly…..

triggers and mental health in the black community is something we already ignore, even on tumblr black folks dont talk about trauma and mental illness, and then yall wanna make jokes out of triggers and trigger warnings????

go to hell omg

Hey hey! Wow, 120 followers. I had more on my old blog ( over 200 ) but this is till v special and I figured it’s about time to do one of these for Beniboo. I’ve met some really awesome people here and met up with old friends, here. I’ve been in the fandom for awhile but never fully immersed myself in it until this year with Benihime and Murcielago. It’s been a p nice ride with her, so far, save for the anxiety and the blog deletion between then. I have many thanks to give for everyone who has followed and still continues to follow my princess, she means so much to me and she has truly become something special and a favorite muse of mine. So here’s my little shoutout list, woohoo. This is gonna get p long cause I have lots of love to give but ssh. Just accept it. Let it soak in.

eternal love. 

nijuba, Ken, sweetie, I know you never reblog these and all that, and I tend to get mushy. But you once told me you love my mushiness. ( A couple times, actually? ) So I’m gonna get mushy again. You’ve been my biggest cheerleader with Benihime. You were the final nail in the head when it came to making her, offering to make a Kisuke, even though you didn’t. I love you so much, you have no idea. You encourage me to keep going when I don’t think I can anymore, and you make everything so much better, you enhance my entire world. You are my world. We fight, we have our issues, we bicker, but we get better. We grow up with each other, and I love you. Never think that you are anything less than what you are, the greatest person in the world to me. You said I give you strength – but it’s you that gives me mine. Thank you, baby.


godkilller, Ichi, you’ve also been a big supporter of me and my blog. You’re a little hard on me sometimes, but you’re looking out for me, you and Mouse both. You’re a fantastic person, you’ve been like a brother to me, and you’ve made all of my Bleach blogs a total freaking colossal mess you dumbass look at all the crack and junk on my blogs because of you. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. You’re something else, man.

rxngiku, Mouse, you are totally awesome. I love your Rangiku, you are absolutely wonderful at her. You’ve also been a big source of support for me, and while we’ve known about each other for a long time, and talked here and there very sparingly in the past, you’ve always been a beautiful person from what I’ve seen and known. Ichi is lucky to have such a beautiful lady. And if he says otherwise I’ll kick his ass. Thank you for putting up with Beni-The-Man-Stealer and I. 

kiraahachi, Mei, my bee queen. I’ve been following you for a long time on Eva and Beni. Even though you tried to get me to make your Zanpakuto. There’s never a bad time I have with you. Between Tiburon sniffing Aizen’s dick on Soi Fon, to Benihime unleashing a thousand bees for Soi Fon’s birthday, you and I always seem to tear apart the dash when we do get together. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you, you are such a sweet gal. 

organdoom, Rosa, I adore you so much!! You are a literal sweetheart and you’ve been such a good friend to me. I care about you so much, you’re a lot like my family in a sense. ( as is everyone under this list so far jfc ) I want nothing more than to help you, and have all the gorey fun with you that I can. You helped me reopen myself up and get involved back into gore, a love I suppressed because someone thought it made me sick in the head. Thanks for inspiring me into letting me open a piece of myself open again.

unchainably, ITTY BITTY BABBY TENSA. Pyra, you are so awesome?? You have been nothing but welcoming and nice to me since the moment we met, thank you so much for that. We do a bang up fucking fantastic job at ruining this fandom together with crack and fun, and candy. You are such a sweet person, and your Tensa is so amazing. Thank you. ♥

nihillmancer, Elektra, you and I have been friends for a pretty good while now. You never cease to make me laugh and give me smiles, you have followed me into many fandoms, onto many blogs, and now we finally have duet blogs with Ulquiorra and Murcielago. Thank you for letting me drag you everywhere, wherever I go, like some demon bat handbag. You’ve been so good to me, I don’t deserve it, tbh. Thank you. ♥



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