ppl these dayz

bloomingrebel  asked:

people who are calling jules a tyrant need to shut the fuck up. they really have no idea what they're talking about and don't really know her. it irritates me that they're doing this while she's not here, and showing how much of a coward they are for doing it when she can't speak for herself. surprise to them, she has a lot of people to defend her. i've followed jules for years and she's done nothing but good.

yeah though like lmfao,,, double fuck you to the fake ass ppl who will bitch for Dayz when ppl post smth vaguely related to their content when theyre barely active and are now talking abt how it’s Fine because she’s not here as though she wasnt writing for selina for 5 years and a TRIPLE fuck you to the people who are doing that who ever claimed to be her “friend” :*

this girl is doing confessions and after every one shes writing ‘hahahaaa’

 like..'im kinda awkward hahah’
and 'ive been single for 10 months now hahahah’

why are you laughing -______-