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Have you seen an anime called inuyashA?? I binged watched it and couldn't help but think it would be such a cute au for bakudeku!!

this is as far as my Inuyashi knowledge goes ;;; 


btw my goal is to someday make sure all the rvb youtube vids have totally correct subs so if you know of one that doesn’t have subs (or the subs have a lot of spelling/grammar/timing errors, or just are even slightly incorrect) that you don’t feel like fixing yourself and isn’t in this “to sub” folder tell me which one it is and i’ll add it to the list (may be months before i get to it though, some of them have been on there so long for all i know someone else has already subbed them)

edit: several people have reblogged this tagging it “signal boost” and i didn’t think of that but that’s a good idea!! so if u would like to help me but don’t know of any that need subs other than these please reblog so that it’s more likely someone who does know of ones that need subs will see it!

“women, as in people with XX chromosomes” lol!!!! have u ever taken a biology class!!!!!!! have u ever done research on gender before in ur life!! chromosomes are meaningless and science doesn’t support your transphobia so stop using that as an excuse!!!!!!!!

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

you know, I thought if I’ll watch the rest of 10 season’s episodes that I didn’t watch (ones that don’t include Missy and not the first one) so I won’t be so angry. there is no Missy, hah… but fuck.
I mean, okay, well, yes, people can love anything they want to. just… just there is no the Doctor. there is a man who calls himself the Doctor, who doesn’t give a fuck about people, who spends time talking about a kind and good, who abuses Missy. he locks her in the Vault and makes her wait for him like a dog. he doesn’t care about murders, the death of people, his best ‘friend’, nothing at all but himself. sorry. but it’s true. he’s talking about the same things as before but he doesn’t understand them.
a child is gone - but he moves on.
a man is dead now - but he doesn’t even notice.
an alien creature is a danger - he needs to save her.
why? I thought at the first that it was only for one episode. but I can see it now. it’s all about that some creatures are hungry. and hungry seems evil for others. 'cause it’s killing people. all that season is about that killing is not wrong, that bad men are not wrong, they are just alien. not human. see? the Doctor is alien. and he kills people.
maybe, I’m not the one who deserves to talk about that but it’s wrong. the Doctor tells that sometimes he didn’t have another choice, but all I saw - he cares about things, not people. and sometimes people (like Missy) become his things. things only he can play with.
he’s not a gray character. he’s not kind. he’s not a good man. he’s not a God. he’s a self-concentered abuser with a habit of saving some people for feeding his ego.
I love the show, I love the Doctor. but Twelfth’s gone into this and it’s sick. all that show is poison now. and I don’t understand how people can’t see that. it’s all about egoism, fear, self-destruction, god complex, abuse, obsession, imprinting, oh, god… I wonder why I’m still watching it at all. it’s like a wandering across a mad man’s mind and it’s tearing me apart.
it needs a better analyze but I feel sick about this. 'cause I can’t tell every time that he’s not good, he doesn’t care about someone, that he doesn’t know who he is and what he supposed to do and he needs someone to tell him that… it’s in every scene, in every episode. the whole point he’s empty and he’s hungry and he kills people and he’s alien and he hurts everyone in that show. it’s not about living it’s about surviving in every possible way and the only way that the Doctor has now is the death of others. it’s in the script. he’s Valeyard.


야!해줄래? more like appreciation to mingyu’s face

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the phandom claims they want better gaming content but yet when deppy plays a game like mario kart, it doesn't hit 1 mil for a week or more. the dil videos will hit 1mil in less than two days. I've seen people complain that no one likes dil anymore, but like the views and comments on just YouTube are completely telling deps otherwise. If people want them to do better content, simple, that majority (ppl who watch just dil) needs to start watching they're other gaming videos more.

Yeah, that divide comes down to what the casual audience likes vs what the dedicated audience likes. Dan and Phil skew toward pleasing us most of the time - we are generally the target audience in liveshows, on twitter, with merch, for their stage show, for the books. But youtube in general is a different ballgame, they’re looking at analytics that reflect more than just us and they’re getting ad revenue from more people than just us. 

The videos that end up being most popular amongst fan circles are usually dependent on Dan and Phil’s behavior between each other, which casual fans probably don’t give a fuck about. The Sims is objectively a series that anyone can get into without needing to know a lot of Dan and Phil backstory. That’s something people respond to. The bomb game was great - for watching Dan and Phil communicate.  For a casual fan it was two guys badly playing a game because they skipped a lot of levels and didn’t know what anything was. Someone watching just to see gameplay is probably gonna bail out of that. 

Fandom’s not gonna win this one. Just sit back and enjoy what they do make, and appreciate that once in a while casual appeal and fandom appeal merge.