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So i watched a video on the kakapos who look like a real life rowlet, kiwi, fat birb looking baby. They’re so fucking cute! They need to be protected at all costs from ppl who want to hurt them and the animals like rats , cats, every one of them. Even the idiots who say stupid shit like ( “i wonder what it tastes like”) um?? Stfu u nasty asf. These kids are not meant to be killed when there an endangered species. They are flightless , most of the times the males don’t even get to mate and its sad because they need to for their survival , they need people’s help , they need to be saved from horrible people and things that wanna hurt them. I love these birbs so much. I wanna protect all the birbs from horrible human beings who wanna do bad things. That’s why i hate people and prefer the company of animals instead, cause people are stupid and a lot of them don’t care for endangered species like the kakapos.

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I loVED THAT! hmmMM, how about 45-54 for your otp from Stranger Things?

ok wow i love you and also lumax 

45. Who makes the other breakfast in bed?

lucas. hed try to make special breakfasts but it,, wouldnt go well so max tells him to just stick with classic eggs and toast

46. Who loves kids more?

lucas!! he loves playing with them and making them laugh while max just thinks theyre stinky trash babies

47. Do either of them have a crazy ex?

ajkssks max. she’d do the whole teenage rebellion thing and date someone who her parents hate but they end up being really toxic to her and follow her around for a while

48. What are their favourite colours?

lucas likes red and max likes blue idk how to explain that one lol

49. Who likes to cook?

actually neither of them but they do have a lot of fun cooking together

50. Who is the forgetful one?

max !! she gets so caught up in one thing that she forgets about all the other little things 

51. Does either of them know how to fight?

after the demodogs and billy (and whatevers comin in s3) absolutely both

52. What do they do for Valentines Day?

max would take him to do different activities like roller blading or laser tag while lucas would try to do big sweeping gestures of romance

53. Who swears more?

max oh my god she swears so much like yeah lucas swears regularly but when this girl gets going she gets going

54. Who has the better comebacks?

both of them to the point where they have comeback wars that just last for   what seems like forever

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okay but im like, on the same page as you with eridan??/ i lOVE MY SON SO MUCH BUT,,, I CANT SAY IT BECAUSE THEN PPL WOULD LOOK AT ME WEIRDLY??? they'd be like "but he killed ppl???" BUT NO THEY DONT ASDFGHJKL. but yea, i love my violet son, i could gush about him for hours if ppl didnt judge???


- hey uh did you know i almost fuckign???? died bc?? the artist of this one piece of fanart made eri-babe?? rLLy FUCKIGN!!!!!! ATTRACTIVE???
hewwo 991? pwease help,, the same fuckign boy just??? murdered me with!!!!!!!!!!! his attractive-nESS aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

That V Route video got me so shook I woke up at 2am just to sketch this hhhhhhh – i wanted like an ‘aesthetic look’ but it just ended up looking like he’s refusing some toppings on his pizza

it must be because im hungry and i dont wanna order food at 3am //wheezes
anYWAY goodnight LOL

so when i was at camp we had a dress up superhero day and so i dressed up as black widow but like super cheaply (cheap wig, black leggings, black jacket) so it takes most ppl a second to figure out what i’m going for anyway i ran into a little girl who loved my costume and after a brief conversation it transpired it was because she was under the impression that i was ariel. i was like oh cool yeah that makes sense, how did you guess? expecting her to be like “the hair!” and she gave me this ‘duh’ look and said “it’s her costume from the avengers” because she’s under the impression that the little mermaid is also the black widow and i love her and the world she must live in

ETA if youre reading this pls check out camp kesem :-)

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Hey again (same person from before heh) your explanation was way longer and in such greater detail than I expected, and I deeply thank you for that! Now I am a true believer of JasPearl-also whenever I type JasPearl it autocorrects it to JASPEARL but I've never typed JasPearl in all caps and ye end of story

aaaahh gosh of course!!! sdfkljdslf im really happy you (and others too!) appreciate it ;;; i have a million other little theories too but it was so long already i had to cut it somewhere LOL

also totally the reason your phone is using caps is because JASPEARL NEEDS TO BE LOUD!!! BC JASPER IS ALWAYS LOUD WHEN ITS ABOUT PEARL! 


Key example of the group teasing Shiro bc of his leap year age

I love how some people will literally do gymnastics to avoid accepting Harry as who he says he is. I think it would kill some of you to actually listen to his words. It’s a shame because you’re missing out on one incredible person & I genuinely feel sad for you.