ppl having feels about anything

Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

Yeah ...

I’m kinda getting tired of doing this critical stuff because it’s not fun anymore when people ridicule you constantly for sharing your opinion on the show and constantly knowing everyone else in the su fandom hates the fuck out of you. It especially sucks to have to look at hate post and get called all this shit from your favorite fan artist and mutuals. Not only that, the entire fandom is pitted against each other, people are harassing one another and the su fandom has become a toxic environment…again. I’m questioning if any of this was worth it in the long run, maybe we should’ve just kept our mouth’s shut.

In any case, I suppose things get worse before they get better, and I’m glad this is a side blog, otherwise this would’ve really been a day ruiner.

y'all i am sorry from the bottom of my heart but i am so tempted to unfollow some ppl who have 2x15 icons :)))))

shabondy  asked:

hi! if you've already answered this, please ignore this ask. but i was wondering what your thoughts are on luffy and vivi's fight in alabasta. i don't really understand what luffy was trying to convey. wasn't vivi already risking the lives of the crew by traveling with them?

Nope, I’ve never been asked about this before! I think it would help to reread their conversation/fight, which has been redone semi-recently with a much improved translation. You can read it online here, but I’ll post what I think the key parts are in this answer.

Luffy and Vivi were debating about what the needed to do. Vivi wanted to go and intercept the rebels, led by Kohza, and convince them not to fight. Luffy wanted to go punch Crocodile’s face in. The problem was that Crocodile and the Rebels were in different places, so they couldn’t do both. Vivi’s approach to this all was low risk—she wanted to take a course of action that would result in as few deaths as possible, and ideally no deaths at all. And yes, if she did intercept the Rebels and talk to Kohza, there is a chance she could have stalled the fighting between the Rebels and the Royal Army. But the problem was that the Rebel Army was not a single person—even if she did convince Kohza to stop (which she may or may not have been able to do even if she did get to him), there still would have been plenty of Rebels bursting to fight. Plus, the root of the problem was Crocodile, the one manipulating things from behind the scenes to create conflict and antagonize both sides against each other. So what if Vivi talks Kohza down? Would that have stopped the hundreds of thousands of Rebels from attempting to tear down the capital when Bon-chan disguised himself as King Cobra and had his soldiers shoot Kohza and assault men and women and children? All Crocodile had to do was keep prodding, and the Rebels were always bound to erupt. Imagine if Vivi told Kohza of Crocodile’s whole plan and convinced him of Cobra’s innocence. Now, what would happen of Crocodile simply assassinated Kohza, especially with an assassin in the disguise of one of Cobra’s men? The Rebel Army would have been a living beast without a head, fueled by nothing but fury directed at Cobra and the Royal Army, and they would have stopped at nothing to put Cobra’s head on a pike and overthrow the Royal Family.

That was a pretty big wall of text, but it was all to illustrate that Vivi’s plan was an incredibly flawed one. Maybe she could stall the Rebels (or maybe she couldn’t), but so long as Crocodile was still around, the fighting would never stop because Crocodile would always find a way to make it continue, to the point where Alabasta tore itself apart and left itself helpless before Crocodile’s takeover. Luffy realized this and called Vivi out on it. Luffy wanted to stop Crocodile directly. Sure, stopping Crocodile wouldn’t immediately stop the Rebels, but removing Crocodile from the picture would allow Vivi to inform the Rebels of Crocodile’s schemes without the looming threat of Crocodile just sparking the fighting again anyway.

In this situation, Crocodile had to be stopped before the Rebels could be stopped. But Vivi was too afraid to face that at the time. She was scared to let Luffy fight Crocodile, and never even considered it an option. That’s what Luffy meant when he said that Vivi had thus far only been risking her own life. Sure, Baroque Works wanted the Straw Hats dead because they were escorting Vivi, but without Vivi they were meaningless and posed no threat (besides knowing Crocodile was Mr. 0). Any assassin sent after them would be after Vivi’s head first, any any of the rest of them where just afterthoughts. And taking on Crocodile himself is miles different from just dealing with his goons. No grunt was ever going to kill Luffy, but Crocodile himself damn sure could (and almost did, 3 times, if not for luck once, and Robin’s help the other two times).

So that’s what their fight was about. Vivi wanted to only attempt to stop the Rebels, without ever confronting Crocodile himself. She felt that she could talk to Kohza and stop the rebellion and that then no one would die, which wasn’t realistic. Luffy knew that the rebellion could never truly be stopped without taking down Crocodile, and that there was no way that this was going to end without a single person dying. Going to take down Crocodile was a massive risk to the Straw Hats’ lives—more than anything they’d been through before. But if they did take down Crocodile, then when Vivi spoke to Kohza afterwards, they would have an actual chance of stopping the rebellion for good, rather than just stalling it until Crocodile pulled his next stunt to enrage the rebels.

It was a complicated situation, and but in the end everyone agreed that Luffy was right. Luffy may not be the brightest person ever, but when it comes to knowing who he needs to punch really hard in the face, he tends to be very perceptive.

i hate when