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senpai, have you seen dispatch revealed seolhyun/zico? look at the way she dressed, she literally covered everything on her face i can't even recognize her ; that's called real dating. then look at kxk, krst didn't even cover anything on her face. she wore cap but it didn't hide her face lmao. they're so many evidences for shzc but kxk only have one day evidence lamo and it's so obvious

Other anon: Have you seen z_ico and seol_hyun dating pic released by dispatch? Seol_hyun wore mask to cover her face and not fucking smiled at the camera 😁😁😁

Other anon: The stark differences between zicoxseolhyun dating and kxk dating is interesting. It makes kxk look faker than it was. I stan block b and zico would not allow himself to be part of such a publicity stunt (if it was fake). Someone should make an article on how to spot a fake dating news from the legit ones for the guillible peeps in the fandom who believe in whatever the media shove their asses ✌

((disclaimer: this post was written filled w sarcasm and idk if I even wrote this analysis seriously bcoz I can never take kxk dating news seriously hahaha))

Hey anons,

First of all, please don’t call me senpai u.u You can call me Am btw! :)) Yes, I’ve read and seen the article. The differences are indeed apparent.

Let’s start with the title.

KxK:  "카이스탈, 현실이 되다"…카이♥크리스탈, 리얼 데이트
“Kaixstal becomes real”… Kxai ♥ Kryxstal, real date
ZxS:  설현♡지코, 몰래한 사랑…”비밀 데이트도, 핫해”
Seolxhyun ♡Zixco, love sneaking… “Secret date, hot”

disclaimer: I direct translated everything since I’m afraid I’ll change the meaning if I change the structure of the sentence.

There’s nothing much to say here bcoz I’m just amazed how dp said kxk is private people yet they don’t sneak around for secret date like zxs. Lol

The structure of the articles is different too.

KxK: Kxai and Kryxstal. They are often referred to as ‘Kaixstal.’ For the reasons that they are the same age born in year 94′, they entered their trainee days on the same year and because they look really good together. 

But they were always nothing but friends together. But as friends and being in the same trainee class, they always cheered each other. They always looked after one another. That is why they fallen for one another.”

‘EXO’ Kxai (KimxJongin) and f x Kryxstal (JungxSoojung) have fallen in real love with each other. It is not a fan’s fiction or imagination. This was a date that happened in real life.‘Dispatch’ has caught their real life date red-handed.


ZxS: May 12, AxOA were facing two controversies. First, the historical view that need to be settle. This is a requirment for the May comeback. 

May 12, Seolxhyun and Jixmin apologized on SNS. They were ashamed and sorry. Followed by FNxC released Good Luck music video teaser.

May 12, Seolxhyun came out from her dorm. Few minutes later, she got on a black Porshe. The car heading to the Han River. BlockxB Zixco drive a luxury sedan.

You can see the differences. For kxk, they mentioned these stories that came out of ff. Everything was so cliche and unrealistic. Fiction. The way they put it kxk fallen in love with each other bcoz they are friends, cheered for each other and look after one another… Then, emphasizing ‘this is not a fan fiction or imagination!’ I mean… ok…

However, dp started with FACTS about zxs. The exact date was mentioned. They followed zxs since May and released the scandal recently with proofs for that May 12 event. Seolxhyun was also caught at different times (more than once) in different clothes wearing a disguise.

Basically, zxs pictures have stories while kxk pictures are just kxk at the Jung’s sister fav restaurant and we don’t even know the stories behind the pictures at the carpark basement. How did they got transferred from a basement park to the restaurant? Did JI teleport them? Lol.

According to dp, their sources mentioned kxk went to the ski resort but then there was no proof bcoz kxk wore goggles, masks, and helmets…. Their reason was hilarious. I mean how did they know it was them when they basically build a wall on their faces? Dp could sneak on zxs when Seolxhyun was obviously wearing a hoodie and mask on the May 12th but not kxk. Kxk is all about claims but no proofs. What’s new tbh.

Now move on to the pictures.

Look at her running for her life and wearing a mask to cover her face. But then…

I thought they are private people, went to the ski resort with masks, helmets, and goggles so they won’t be seen. But here they were caught by dp red handed on one occasion with the same exact clothes for all the pictures posted but they forgot the mask………….. Like “Don’t wear masks bcoz it needs to be obvious. I need your faces seen on the pictures clearly so ppl will believe. We don’t have time to schedule another photo shoot.”

It seems like they had the photo shoot in 2 different places. 1 was in a carpark basement when they were about to leave to the restaurant. Then “Cut! Let’s move to the next location”. So they ended their photo shoot at the front of the restaurant. A very private place indeed. Maybe sm reserved the whole place so they won’t get caught by anyone. Or or, told everyone there “This is only a photo shoot.” Lol.

And if you pay attention to the pictures at the restaurant, the angle of the pictures are so different. It feels like there were like action and cut. kxk got out of the restaurant then snap snap snap. “Again!” Or they have more than one cameramen. Lol.

Idk what JI did here he got out and put on his jacket then he turned around with his jacket half wearing it. Look at the angles. 

Same moment but different angles. From the side and the front.

It just funny how kxk was caught at one event with the same clothes everything from top to bottom and baaam they’re dating but seolxhyun was caught in front of Zixco’s apartment more than one time!

Anyway, so I was naver-ing this Jung’s sister’s restaurant. (1) The food there looks so good btw! Gonna add it up to the places I should visit when I go to SK. Or you can just naver-ing it by yourself (바다목장바닷가재).

Pictures below are recent from 2015-2016. You probably found a lot of blog posts about this shop after kxk. Guess the owner got his/her hand full thanks to kxk ;))

The street picture was from Oct 2009 before the shop got refurbished I think. But it is the same shop bcoz their neighbor shop is still the same too. As you can see, the parking space is small. So Idk how dp hide themselves to take pictures of kxk but managed to take pictures in close distance w/o being caught. Oh I forgot. It’s a photo shoot. Lol

And to add it up, the shop isn’t that big. You can eat while still looking who is eating at the table next to you. Lol.

So idk if ppl still believe kxk dating. Kbye.


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I didn't become a 1d fan until after Zayn left, so I don't know as much about him, but I'm confused by all the hate he gets. Are ppl just pissed he left the band or?? There are so many larries on my dash hating on him :(

Hey! So I just reblogged a post I wrote and that my main hoes @mellygrant and @aaronbutterfield chimed in on which you can find HERE.

I do not understand why people hate Zayn. Especially people who look at everything that happens to Louis and Harry and go, “THIS IS WRONG! LIES ALL LIES!” but then look at Zayn and are like, “Yep! Seems legit. 100% organic and tr-ue.”

It wasn’t as if Modest! sat down one day, looked at One Direction and were like, “You know what? Fuck you guys. But fuck you two in particular,” at Louis and Harry. As far as I’m concerned they are all in a storm of fuck. I would love to time travel like twenty years into the future and google “One Direction tell all” to see what the actual fuck has been going on. 

I know certain things that have happened behind the scenes due to working in radio for a bit and because London is a very small world when you…eh I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a total snob…but when you go to certain kind of events there’s a pretty typical group of people you encounter and things aren’t as hush hush secretive as 1DHQ would have you believe. 

The other reason that I’m 100% convinced that no paps are stalking the boys when they go shopping for food or to Starbucks is because I used to work across the street from where Liam lived and I saw that hoe all the time, both shopping for food and in a Starbucks, and never was there ever anyone around to photograph it. Not even myself because that’s weird as hell and I don’t agree with taking photos of people that are unaware that you are taking them. I don’t like it when people do that to me, so treat people as you’d like to be treated and all that. 

ANYway, on that note, if I were in a boyband and then possibly/maybe forced to quit as a stunt and then thrust into the cold world of entertainment on my own whilst my boyfriend was still in said band I was forced to leave (Ziam is real…read this if you love death and dying) then I would appreciate people being like, “Oh shit. This fool is being played like whoa.”

So yeah, I do not hate @zayn in the slightest. Quite the opposite. I loved Mind of Mine, so the silver lining is that we got a bomb ass record out of him. I heard his new single the other day (don’t worry about how I got it, I just did) and I really liked that as well. It actually seemed like it could’ve been on Four or MITAM which would highly suggest that he doesn’t hate 1D’s style of music, as his print persona would suggest. 

When I see people on my dash saying things that bum me out I just unfollow them. And I would expect people to do the same to me. Tumblr is amazing because you can literally create your own personal experience of it depending on who you follow. If someone is stressing me out with their posts I’m like, “Not gonna look at that anymore.” Simple! Then I follow like five dog blogs and seventeen pug blogs and happy days! I get like a spike of whatever the love hormone is straight to my heart when I see a photo of a dog, so I’d much rather see that than see someone making rude ass comments about Zayn, which I think are all highly unwarranted. 

So do yourself a favour, unfollow people being rude and follow @handsomedogs …aka one of the best accounts ever if you love dogs. xx

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Did it seem like Sebs parents were there? Also sad that Margo was alone a lot, seb didn't get to spend any time with her? Were they cute together, can you lay it to rest finally, they never look happy in pap pics so ppl think they're not happy together tho clearly they've been together so long they must be doing well... Your thoughts? Did u speak to her at all? Did seb remember either of you from previous meets?

About Seb’s parents, someone said so (while we were at the red carpet, one of those things you hear in the crowd) but I didn’t see them, or if I did I didn’t have time to process that that was them;

I’ve never met Seb before so he wouldn’t remember me at all; @lostromanianpuppy has, but it didn’t *seem* like he remembered her, but he meets so many people, that’s not a surprise (he remembered us when we said goodbye as we were leaving though, or it seemed like it);

About Margarita - this is going to sound like a cop-out answer, but honestly it was really hard to tell what sort of relationship they have! Like, okay, here’s what I saw:

-she was physically sort of next to/slightly behind him for a lot of the night; like, he was talking to people while standing in front of the little lounge area with couches, and she was doing that thing where you half-sit half-lean on the back of the couch behind him

-they were not very physically affectionate, but some couples aren’t; I will say he didn’t seem to talk to her much, but it was super-hard to tell anyway because Seb was so popular - people just kept coming up to him, and he was clearly trying to interact with everyone who made the effort to say hi, and he was so busy! So that obviously affected their ability to interact. So, again, really hard to tell.

-also remember we didn’t lurk near them the whole night; we wandered around to find other people, so for all we know they grabbed each other for a passionate make-out session when we weren’t looking

-she didn’t really seem to talk to anyone much though? could be for any number of reasons: shyness, tiredness, feeling like she didn’t want to interrupt Seb with people, who knows; we honestly did have a brief discussion about whether we should go talk to her because she looked a bit lonely, no one coming up to interact, and we thought both she and Seb might like it if someone talked to her; but neither of us knows much about her, and we couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t make it feel like we were just talking to her about Seb?

-she didn’t seem to be talking to even Seb’s friends much (based on observation, when they all came over and sat down on the couches we were already hovering near in the corner) but then she started to talk to them a little as they were making plans for whatever after-afterparty they were organizing and Seb was rounding people up

-she was wearing extremely impractical but very pretty stiletto heels. Or at least they looked impractical, but then I don’t wear heels unless forced, so maybe she’s super-comfortable in them? *shrug*

“a joke from 6th grade” au

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  • ok hi
  • new format oohh
  • maybe bc this is an au
  • i should really be doing spanish but here i go 
  • ok sorry for the lame ass title
  • so here’s the thing
  • in this au yama and tsuk aren’t really friends
  • just classmates that know each other
  • and tsuk of course is the “popular” (is there popularity in elementary?)
  • oh such cliche 
  • and yams is more reserved ya get me
  • anyways
  • in elementary ppl are always teasing yams since he looks girlish
  • bc elementary kids are assholes
  • and tsuk and yams were always partners don’t know why ask the teach
  • and yams always gets shy when he’s with tsuki but hey yams is shy with anyone
  • so naturally everyone shouldn’t care right?
  • but tsuk is always nice to yams so ppl are like
  • “Tsuki? yams?? make em date”
  • so people kept on teasing that they’re dating
  • tsuki doesn’t care in fact he find it funny 
  • so he plays along
  • he started by giving yams some random ass flower and saying “do you like me, yamaguchi?”
  • keep in mind this is 6th grade and they use “like” instead of “love”
  • anyways yams just stared at him until yam’s friends were like “let’s go
  • anyways everyone loved the joke
  • and in high school
  • someone remembered
  • and thank goodness too bc tsuk and yams have a hell bunch of classes together
  • they have math pe science and history together
  • ok idk if they have these in japan bc im american and im going by american schools bc that’s all i know im sorry
  • anyways so the joke comes back up and tsuki is still popular-ish
  • and yams is in a group of reserved friends
  • those friends scream a lot and you can see yams laughing
  • guys this is high school ok 
  • so where tsukki sits he can see where yams is eating and yams and see where tsukki is eating
  • they’re near enough to see each other and yell at each other but not regular talking distance
  • not even loud talking
  • so the joke comes back up and tsukki is like “hell yea joke”
  • so he goes back to “flirting” with yams
  • and yams is again startled (help him)
  • once yams was selling chocolate
  • and he asked tsuk to buy some
  • and tsukki was like “only if you give me a kiss” while tapping his cheek
  • and yams’ friends freaked out while yams mumbled a quiet “nevermind”
  • yams is always embarrassed 
  • it’s easy to see that he doesn’t like it
  • i mean yea they talk and whatever
  • but in all the classes they have with each other tsukki keeps the jokes up
  • including saying “yams i love you!”
  • especially when they pass each other when walking towards their next periods
  • but yams’ grabs whatever friend he’s with and walks faster
  • but here’s the thing
  • in the mist of these joke and whatever
  • tsukki actually starts to genuinely like yams 
  • just to the way yams gets embarrassed is cute
  • the way yams says hello in the morning is cute
  • just everything yams does is cute
  • yams is always so nice too
  • he’s shy but when you see him with friends they’re yelling about something
  • like the time they were singing the ppap song
  • and they took an actual pen and apple and stabbed the apple
  • and then they threw the apple on the ground and it exploded
  • they were yelling so loud nearly everyone could hear them
  • tsuki saw and started to watch em a lil
  • and yams looked so happy and was smilling so much
  • and in the back of tsuki’s mind he was like i want to make him smile like that
  • but then he realized what he was thinking and stopped
  • to sum it up tsuki kept up the joke but actually did like yams
  • in a “wow this is more serious than weird high school relationships”
  • tsuki just thought yams was perfect even though he had flaws
  • he wanted to hug kiss and keep yams to himself
  • he just really loved yams
  • he doesn’t know why
  • yams doesn’t really feel the same way
  • since he’s so embarrassed about the 6th grade joke
  • so yea tsuki proabably won’t get his feelings back
  • so he’s like yeah i should slowly stop this joke
  • and it turned to more friendship things
  • and they were friends
  • good friends too
  • so then tsuki’s friends are like “yo what happened to the joke”
  • and tsukki just shrugs and says “no one really reacted to it so i stopped”
  • but then everyone says “no we love it do it again”
  • so he does
  • but it’s more playful
  • not like “give me a kiss yams ily”
  • in fact tsuki’s flirting seems so real people think he actually does have a thing for yams 
  • yams thinks that too
  • but the farthest they got is flirting
  • and i think that’s as far as they will get
  • so yea
  • let me know if you like this and the format
  • bc if you do then ill talk about my music au 

~mod ao

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There were a lot of different fandoms in the episode last night and yes Dean pretty much shot down wincest but towards the end he pretty much told the fandoms to keep doing what you are doing and keep loving what you love even if it's weird. And yes they didn't put Misha in the episode which was sad, but there was a good chunk of destiel stuff in it. But at the end they showed that they do support their fans even if they don't understand their ship or some of the strange things ppl come up with.

I just caved and watched it because everyone kept telling me to, haha! I guess that’s the problem when you have so many followers who did watch; there’s no escaping it. :p But oh well, the ep can pretty much be viewed as a standalone, so I went for it.

But anyway, it’s easier for me to see now why the fandom is a bit divided about the whole canon-Destiel matter (even though almost everyone enjoyed the episode itself, and so did I, by the way.) 

Although I think that for the most part the negative factor at play there is the scene where Dean says ‘I have my version, and you have yours’. Yes, that’s true. But never forget that the fangirl’s version might have had a lot of stuff that came completely out of nowhere and was utter bullshit, but there was also plenty of stuff in her script that was actually taken from canon. Dean wasn’t referring to anything specific there, but to the play as a whole. He could’ve been talking about anything really; from the planned tentacles and aliens that were to come, to the random robot that had no business being there. 

I also find it remarkable that not once, you see Dean actually shoot down Destiel. In that scene where he looks at the girls who play ‘Destiel’ acting like a couple, his expression is more thoughtful than anything else. It’s not until the girl who wrote the play mentions the word ‘sex’ that he makes a funny face, but he doesn’t seem grossed out by the image of seeing them interact like that at all. When Sam ‘teases’ him about it later (shipper!Sam is canon, hallelujah) all Dean says is ‘shut up’ just like I would do when one of my friends or someone in my family talks to me about my crush. (Like; omg it’s embarrassing, stahp it you asshole.)

He doesn’t say that it’s bullshit or ‘never happened’, as he did point out about so many of the other elements in that musical. 

Also, I find it kind of funny that the ‘Destiel scene’ they picked for the musical, isn’t actually that far from canon. They took that scene from a very Destiel-heavy episode, but except for them exaggerating it with a cheesy song, where is the difference? How much of that was made up? Not much, if you ask me. Except for Cas bursting out in song, that was pretty much how the scene actually went down. They sort of took their own scene, and viewed it in a somewhat more romantic light, but they didn’t really change anything about the essentials. If anything, I think that maybe casual viewers will be forced to face the realization that; whoa, what Cas did there was actually not that platonic, come to think of it. Because it IS what Cas did on the actual show. They could’ve turned that entire scene into some shit from Twilight with Cas dramatically draped over Dean’s bed once he’s asleep and watching over him or whatever shit, but they didn’t. They changed many things, but they kept that scene oh so close to canon. Like; look folks, that is sort of what happened there, maybe you should go and contemplate it. 

That’s just my opinion though, and how I personally experienced it.

So, maybe they are simply giving the fans a pat on the head by saying; ‘see it however you want to see it, we ain’t stopping you’. But the way I see it, it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to /everything/ that happened in this episode, seeing as not all of it was fanon. 

Or let me put it this way; I don’t feel like this episode sailed the Destiel ship (like some of you do) but I don’t feel like the episode was actually sinking it either (like others do.)

I want to leave it at that. Also, I want to specifically express how much I loved how Sam was taking the entire musical and the whole shipping thing (I had fully expected him to be offended like Dean, so his reaction took me by surprise and I absolutely loved it, he was basically fangirling), and I also want to point out that the poncho-guy on the first row is me. Amen.