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I love how you draw Gamzee's hair~ Just seriously you draw it so fluffy I just wanna cut his head off and make him my pillow wait what

Thanks! ;w; his hair is p much my favorite thing to play around with when i draw him

He’s s'posed to be the decapitator round these parts though, anon umu


26) Least favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)?
Does the fandom arguing over dumb stuff count? Like, shipping…or coffee. Because I think that’s pretty ridic. I can’t really think of anything I hate about Homestuck itself. :C

ALSO I CAN’T think of anything for a strife specibus for 10… other than fistkind i guess, but.

note: ive never been to olive garden uou

Sorry, I got distracted while doing these! Still have a bunch of others in my inbox

I need to actual,y start talking to ppl on here so I can actually make friends nd hav a squad to rant at about dnp

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hi i was wondering what tool do you use in your art for lining? sorry if you have already gotten this question...

No one’s really asked before, but that’s probably because I’m always changing shit around LMAO. But uh, I can give you the ones I’ve been really fond of lately!

The marker is my favorite and the one I’ve been using for clean lineart rn. I always tend to change around settings though so that’s up to you.

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try and draw genderbent uu and UU!

is this what you were expectin anon

I basically designed them to be genderbent versions of each other LOL but one obviously female and the other obviously male and then when they’re prototyped together they become adrogynous theories theories

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Oh my gosh, I love the way you draw Terezi and Nepeta! I mean I know you're famous for your Karkat's and Gamzee's but you should doodle those two more as well!! :D

Thank you! (*´∀`*)

Really, I could stand to draw A LOT of the other characters more than Gamzee and Karkat b-but… i just love those two so much that drawings turn into them sometimes. Damn them.

I’m aiming to fix that more though UoU Even if Karkat, especially Karkat, weasels his way into pictures so much that I might as well put a small drawing of him at 2% opacity in every picture I do.

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this is just simple curiosity, but have you stopped drawing UU with red glasses? i was ahem stalking your art tag and i've noticed that now you draw her a bit differently than before. has your design for her simply changed? u v u

Pretty much! My headcanons kind of shifted and so the design changed the more I drew her.

I ended up making her less obviously feminine and a little more similar to uu (whose design hasn’t really changed much beyond clothes) and more obviously “twins”.. Though I shoulda balanced it by making uu a bit more feminine but imtoohappywithmyfandesignforhim

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Hi, i don't want to be a bother. Where'd you get the cute background for your blog?

I made it myself so i could have a cute pinkish background while keeping my quadrant theme whoops

other people can use it too, if they’d like!!