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Hey guys! Im looking for a fic where dan's son comes home crying because he got picked on for the nail polish and punk!phil helps him repaint them and its fluffy and i really need something happy right now. Thanks in advance xx

I Will Fly with No Fear - punk!phil takes care of his boyfriend, dan’s, son while dan is at a meeting. dan’s son comes home from school crying and its up to phil “on some level im deathly afraid of children” lester to save the day.

- Sam

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are you dead


(nah i’m not dead, just haven’t been up to date with homestuck or even tumblr lately! sorry, i’m very busy balancing work and college now but i will try to come back here and there. hopefully before the update happens)

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my oc jez is a deformed, bloodthirsty hell-demon naturally but passes herself off as a female version of "tall, dark, and handsome" but sometimes forgets to play the part bc she has anger issues

Leonard is most definitely a villain. Even if he’s saved a few lives. And has a policy on not hurting innocent civilians. And really only targets certain corrupt heroes.

he’s a bad guy okay don’t tell him otherwise

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Not to be that guy but whats this abt an extended vol2 scene with infinity war spoilers I'm,,,, intrigued

this is really late whoops

(spoilers for the vol 2 deleted/extended scenes under the cut)

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I need to actual,y start talking to ppl on here so I can actually make friends nd hav a squad to rant at about dnp

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What are your favourites rare-pairings?

Aw shoot, my /favorites/? Uhhh… TOP 4.

  • Karkat/Vriska
  • Terezi <3< Gamzee
  • Terezi <3< John
  • Eri<>/<3Kar (though this is way more popular than other rarepairs so it’s hardly “rare” now imo).

Vriska in blackrom with Aradia or Gamzee is floating close up there too.


also dang, I’m… not sure! I think I’d be a lot more bored the past year+. I wouldn’t have drawn as much and my art style would be totally different considering that just getting into Homestuck did wonders for the artblock I’d been in back then.. overall ty homestuck for my art and my entertainment (and the tears)

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Do you think you could summon up the number one reason why people love Phil Lester so much? Like I'm having a hard time to explain to my friend why a lot of people love him.

ah sorry this is so late!! 

i think the reason why people love him is that he’s always a ray of sunshine?? even when he’s in a bad mood he never lets it show, and when he’s in a really bad mood he tries to avoid talking to people in general so they don’t get upset (i remember one time only dan came out for hugs and pictures after the radio show and ppl asked where phil was and dan said he was “dealing with some things” so). plus like when he’s insulted he doesn’t get angry or anything he’s just really sassy and it’s really funny even though he’s not trying to be. idk i just love how he always tries to be so positive and a lot of other people like that too! like he is the literal sunshine of the earth we must protect phil lester at all costs