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How do u edit ur pphotos? xo

I’m still experimenting with photoshop everyday, so my edits are mediocre at best. Honestly I just mess around till I learn new things!

A brief/lazy explanation would be to pick a solid color background of your choice, a CAS portrait of your sim, then add a subtle drop shadow behind them. You can find some cute transparent stickers from almost any website, adding those to an edit can make it 10x cuter!! Also, I highly recommend a good psd or action to top it all off. Some of my favorites are Basil and Things PSD, SUNBURST CAS ACTION, and BRIGHT N SMOOTH ACTION.

I doubt this is helpful in any way, but a proper photoshop tutorial made by me would be all over the place lol :-)

“Kaygılanmak ya da umut etmek değil yeni silahlar aramak gerekiyor..”



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