pphonetics  asked:

What's New York like? Not like "is it the greatest city ever" but more like, what does it smell like, how are the people, is the rush hour insane, what's the weather like, how do you feel when you step outside your door every morning, what's it like living where everyone dreams of being?

I’d never tell you it’s the greatest city ever, while that’s up for debate, I haven’t lived in enough places to make that claim. I love it here, It’s busy, I enjoy the commotion, but I’m a really level headed guy and rarely get irritated easily so things like traffic and rush hour provide a temporary inconvenience at best, but don’t leave me feeling negatively towards the city. Also, I wouldn’t say i need to live in a place like that, having been born and raised in a Caribbean, the first 14 years of my life were spent outside, playing sports, going to the beach every other say, and enjoy every bit of the island life. 

The smell; it can be nauseating at times. If you’re in manhattan you’re gonna get hit with a few different aromas that’ll show you how sensitive your nose can be. In actuality though, it’s not bad, and the bad areas are isolated. It’s not like you step out your home and go *snifff* “Ah, the rats must’ve come by last night, off to work!" 

The people. We’re busy, most of us from the moment we step out our homes have a destination in mind, and for the most part we want to get there and back home and quickly as possible. We walk fast, we’ve mastered walked and texting. I’ve seen people speak about how mean people here can be, and to be honest, you’re going to find assholes everywhere. Having said that, whenever I’ve been approached my tourist needing help, I’m always happy to, that’s one more group of people that will take away a positive impression of how New Yorkers are. If you want to talk to a random person here, ask for directions, we love showing that we know our city, and even with the grid-like layout of it, it can be a bitch to navigate at times.

Rush hour is bat shit crazy and you should avoid it at all cost. If you’re from a relatively low population area and want to see a lot of people in one place at the same time, come here and take the train between 7 and 9 am and 4 to 8 pm. That or just come from New Years in Times Square.

Weather isn’t too bad in my opinion. This past summer wasn’t bad at all, mother nature saved the heat for the very end and we’re on the cusp of fall weather. Leaves have begun to change in some areas, temperatures are slowly dropping as winter approaches in the not too distant future. They’re not bad either, at least not recently. Snow is typically seen between January and March and a month outside of that time frame in either direction is fair change for a few inches of the white stuff as well. 

Stepping out the door every morning? Honestly, it can be pretty defeating. The city isn’t the easiest to survive in, things cost a lot and those cost seem to always be going up. The job market is a bitch here but then again the job market is a bitch everywhere in a country that requires 3 years experience for a entry level position. There’s a lot to do here, a lot to see, a lot to hate and for me, even more to love. I understand that opportunity is everywhere, it really is, but this city is home for me. It’s been kind to me, it pisses me off at times but I have literally zero intentions of leaving. It’s a big city, it’s cramped, but it’s big and they’re opportunities everywhere. It’s about finding your way in and enjoying what you do. I’m aware that that luxury isn’t always had cause a lot of people are working just to eat, but eventually, you’ve got to find something you don’t have to wake up everyday and hate. 

And that’s where I am right now. I start work Tuesday as a Database Engineer, and I’m lucky enough to say that this seems like something I could grow to love and be passionate about over the years. 

Living here isn’t for everyone, shit, not even visiting is for everyone, but there’s no place like it. If you want to actually see New York, I recommend clicking the link below.