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Baroness Von Bon Bon sounds like Jennifer Hale or Candy Milo to me but I could be deaf

I think I’ll settle with Jennifer Hale for Cala Maria. Someone made an animatic of her doing one of Sedusa’s lines from PPG and it works perfectly. Baroness Von Bon Bon though I’m still not sure who I want for her.

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honestly i was willing to accept the reboot if it meant the ppg would become a franchise, with diff generations and all, meaning this would just be one shitty chapter of multiple (though its still sad to do that to a show not meant to). but a franchise shouldtnt overhaul every incarnation of the show with the identity from ONE property. the 2016 ppg shouldnt replace the 1998 ppg. it'd be like if they went back to all the g1-3 toys of my little pony and replace their packaging with the g4 logo.

EXACTLY. Totally this. And speaking of that, PPG is just a completely different creature than MLP. MLP was originally designed as a toy line. PPG was a creator-driven animated series (and revolutionary for its characters!) that just also happened to sell toys very well.

And it’s so interesting to see the changes that these two series have undergone. MLP:FiM became this show that had characters that were so much more proactive and nuanced than their predecessors (and made them so interesting!) and reached broader demographics, while the PPG reboot alienated most of its original demographic (which was everyone) and ended up weakening/watering down its very strong main characters to become… so bland and uninspired. And now they’re trying to just foist their new creation on the old show that they’re lifting from and say it was the same thing from the very beginning. MLP:FiM doesn’t pretend to be the same thing as the old MLP series, but it also  doesn’t trash the older generations by saying the older ponies are exactly the same as their new counterparts. It’s made very clear that they’re different.

The whole situation just really hurts my heart.