ppg line

ALEX HAS HER HEADCANONS and also her heart still

i just had this late night headcanon for fusionfall a few nights ago, when buttercups found after going missing and gets her memory back
butch welcomes her back, he missed her a lot (like everyone but sTILL)
“haha miss me that much??”
“im punching my dad for you-”
“no thats MY job”
“still gonna hit him”

i know fusionfall legacy wont have butch or brick even kinda worry about the ppg
but that wont stop the headcanons for the original game

A moment for ourselves

The first time Boomer brought Bubbles over to his place with Buttercup and she closed the door on them in his bedroom~~~ e v e

I forget the chapter number…. oops LOL. But this scene was just too cute to pass up!! The Blues are so precious, I love them to bits AAA ♥

Also I’d like to believe that the PPG’s shoe line also has men sizes, hence why Boomer’s got a matching pair. I could be wrong, but it feels so right. ; 0 ;