Witch Character Sketch

I posted this awhile ago, but I just remembered it because of the witch ask.

Also, feel free to use this template for answering questions about your OCs but please don’t “steal” this character because I think I’ll use her in a future story- probably in a combo with my recent Vampire Witch prompt

General Information-
°Name: Ember P. Lynx
°Gender: Female
°Sexuality: Bi
°Birthday: April 15th
°Age: 22

Physical Appearance-
○Height: 5'8"
○Hair Type: wavy/curly
○Hair Length: mid-back
○Hair Color: red/orange
○Skin Color: creamy/pale
○Body Shape: slightly curvy, but not quite hourglass
○Weight: average
○Eye Color: honey w/ gold amd green flecks
○Freckles: yes, across cheeks and nose
○Birthmarks: crescent moon shaped on right heel
○Oddities: mildly pointed ears

●Common Outfit: leather jacket, black combat boots, red tank top, jeans/leggings
●Fancy Outfit: red, form fitting dress; black heels
●Other Common Outfit: black jeans, vans, flannel
●Typical Makeup: winged eyeliner, red lipstick
●Accessories: locket necklace, gemstone ring, messenger bag
●Hair: natural and down, or in a pony tail with a few strands falling out to frame face

♡Positive Traits: confident, fierce, brave, intelligent, loyal, determined, bold, free-spirited adventurous, curious
♡Negative Traits: temperamental, argumentative, impatient, bossy, skeptical, stubborn, reckless, commitment Issues
♡Spirit Animal: wolf (would be an alpha)
♡Fears: not being in control, failure
♡Hopes/Dreams: have a fun life, travel the world, lead coven
♡Mental State: stable
♡Favourite Motto: life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
♡Religion: between agnostic and the coven’s religion
♡Core Beliefs: live life to the fullest blood Makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.
♡Zodiac Sign: Aries

Family and Relationships-
•Father: she is mistrustful of his motives; he worries about her
•Twin Brother: protective of each other
•Mother: died during childbirth, Ember doesn’t miss her
•Status: single, often engages in flings
•Friends: very close inner circle; would die for them
• Enemies: sketchy coven members, potentially the leader
• Coven: is friendly with most members, views as family

Witch Stuff-
♢Loves her coven, wants to lead one day
♢1 of 42 members in coven
♢active participant in rituals
♢Determined to master a temporary wings spell
♢Current favorite ppell is a plant growth spell or an animal summoning spell
♢Is fraid that current leader of coven is up to something
♢Coven acceptance and position decided through earning it
♢Blood related/family ties in relation to social class still leaks through
♢Full fledged member, not in council
♢Would never give up witchcraft