I made a Pacific Rim tumblememe.

First, take this test to see where you would be drafted if you were in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, then post + draw what you got, and tag it with #ppdctumblr !

I got Jaeger Academy Psyche Analyst–a position which involves making sure pilots-to-be are mentally fit and drift-compatible. Psyche Analysts also have to step in when pilot teams get into disagreements, and make sure they can work together again.

Spit your game, talk your shit

Do a meme.


An extraordinary Result: you have been assigned to a high command position within the PPDC. You are the strongest link in the chain of command-but honor is not without hardship. You are responsible for every Jaeger deployed, every officer within your shatterdome and every civilian you are sworn to protect. The fate of humanity rests upon your shoulders, are you ready?


I actually got Neural Bridge Operator, but I already know my place in the world. SO THERE.

Veteran PPDC war correspondent. Qualified as NBO but preferred a more active role (and closer to the Jaegers). Basically makes the rounds of the Shatterdomes documenting the Kaiju War, mostly from the PPDC perspective. Not exactly sassy, but too old to take anyone’s shit, and definitely eccentric. Wears a WWII helmet with a mid-20th-century style ‘press pass’ stuck to it when out in the field, but also carries PPDC personnel ID.

Frequently quoted as lamenting that there are not enough coffee and cigarettes in the vicinity/country/world/etc to deal with the current situation.