ppdc logo


A couple of weeks ago, we got some requests for Pacific Rim merchandise, but search high and low as we might, we didn’t find anything we could decoupage - the tie-in comic broke our ‘no hardcovers’ rule (upcycling aside, it would break our hearts to break a hardcover trade’s spine for crafting!) and the art book was similarly out of the question.

Fortunately, Kassy hit Photoshop and created these fabulous vector art designs, which we transformed into shrink pendants. (Really, I can’t say enough about her Photoshop abilities … I may have freehand drawn Chewie, but I’m rubbish at vectors.)

The PPDC Logo and Gipsy Danger are only $5 each in our Etsy shop.

(Cherno Alpha - and more! - coming soon, including these designs as bracelets.)