Animation – Delivery

Watch this in one piece over at DeviantArt, or use this GfyCat mirror! Much better quality!

Spawned off this exchange with meditonsin. My craziest endeavor yet, but I’m very proud of the results! I hope you enjoy it!


Better mirrors: ImgurGfycat

The second of the Giveaway winners’ suggestions! lucariothehusky said ’something with Fluttershy playing Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Fluttershy ended up being, like, the least focused-on in this sketch, but I hope you like it regardless! 

Credit to uxyd for providing a vector of [](/twibeam) I could use to haphazardly strip the hair off and add my own. Bald ponies are weird.

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Animation: The Invasion

r/mylittlepony made funky emotes for April Fool’s! I wasn’t going to do anything with them but then I did

(Colors are kinda bad in this one. Use the mirrors! Imgur, Gfycat)

Also – so none of its 85 new followers get their hopes up, I probably won’t ever actually update this April Fool’s blog again. But it’ll always be there! Smoozing.

S4E22, Trade Ya - Deleted Scene

Inspired by/ripped off of that one Always Sunny joke

For better quality, click it to go to the Deviantart submission, or use these mirrors! Imgur, Gfycat.


Mirrors: (Imgur, Gfycat)

Really wouldn’t wish that on anyone, just sayin

So I made a Facebook page and a Google+ page. If you use either of those more than Tumblr, now there’s another way to know there’s a new thing!

Animation: Diaries

It really rocked the best-seller char– alright I’m sorry.

Trying a new thing with doing the crediting (of the users whose lines I snatched) in the animation itself. You can see the comment chain here!

(Mirrors: Imgur, GfyCat)