drewchadswick-deactivated201307 asked:

i follow you 'cause your gifs/edits are so beautiful and you're funny. you were like one of the first jonas's blogs i followed here, and i was like "omg, i want to be quality like her"

Omfg what O.o

I’m just shocked, really, I never thought someone would say that, specially a quality blog like yours!

Omfg thank you so much, idek what to say, I’m really in shock lool

Thank you so much!! :’)

drewchadswick-deactivated201307 asked:

"#rodrigo is the king of photoshop" omg i never thought you'd say that 'cause you're so talented at photoshop! and omg you're my fav nick' blog ever! thank you so much carmen, that mean a lot to me <3

thank you so much :’) 

i love your graphics, you’re so talented fasdfghjk

mehashi asked:

fennel, mint & dandelion!!! :">

  • fennel: how do you feel right now?

pparanoid, anxious and lonely tbh

  • mint: what song gives you energy?

UM dare by gorillaz orr telepath by crystal castles :3

  • dandelion: when you make wishes who are they for?

usually others!! bbut theyre not always positive wishes hhh„