So after the new video, #AnotherBoy is trending on Twitter. ppaction can’t hide behind their “clump of cells” rhetoric when their own people call it a baby and “another boy.”

If you have Twitter, let Planned Parenthood know what you think. We’re using #anotherboy, #anothergirl, and #itsababy along with the usual #ppsellsbabyparts.

plannedparenthood is going down, and abortion along with them.

Guys, this is the time when the truth comes out. Have you ever wondered “when will people realize how bad abortion is, and how bad Planned Parenthood is for doing it?”

Now. Now is that time. The country is waking up, our leaders are waking up (slowly), even the media is waking up. If you’ve never spoken up about abortion, if you’ve never taken a stand for life, now is the time.

And if you haven’t watched the video, do it now. Share it. Talk about it. Make sure nobody, especially Obama, can ignore it.

Here’s the link: http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/2015/07/planned-parenthood-vp-says-fetuses-may-come-out-intact-agrees-payments-specific-to-the-specimen/

3wave asked:

Hey there! Just wanted to say how much we love your blog :) Also: any chance you have some blogs that you would recommend? Anything about intersectional feminism, young people, pro-choice/voice, and/or queer and trans folks is awesome! Thanks in advance! ♥ -Jillian, Third Wave Fund

These are my personal suggestions. If the other mods have other suggestions, feel free to add! 


Stand with Planned Parenthood
Politicians are using false allegations to attack Planned Parenthood & harm women. Tell them we aren't fooled, we fight for women's health and rights, and we #StandwithPP.

It’s sickening. Spurred on by deceptive, dishonest videos released by anti-abortion activists last week, politicians in Congress hell-bent on rolling back protections for women’s health are pushing votes to strip ALL federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers — a move that would leave millions of patients without access to birth control, cancer screenings, and other basic, lifesaving healthcare. This is truly the fight of our lives, and we can’t win it without your help. Please, make your emergency gift now.

If our opponents, led by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others, succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood health centers, it will leave patients in communities across the country with nowhere to turn for reliable, affordable care. These women, men, and young people could be denied access to the doctors and nurses they trust, who are often the only healthcare providers they see, and could stop receiving birth control, or could risk cancer going undiagnosed until it’s too late. Plain and simple, Congress could deny critical, life-saving health care to vulnerable women, men, and young people. They’re doing it to score political points, satisfy their extreme right wing base, and force their ideology onto all of us.

This battle is just beginning. And right now, in this exact moment, the single most important thing you can do is contribute financially to this fight. The funds we have now will determine whether health centers can continue to provide the compassionate care our patients depend on every day. Our absolute priority is ensuring we can continue to be there for the women, men, and young people who are counting on us. There’s no question that your support will make the difference in this fight, David — and it’s going to be a big one.

Ways to Give
Call 1-800-798-7092
Donate by Mail
Honorary Giving

Planned Parenthood "Hacking" Sure Looks Like A PR Stunt
Planned Parenthood claims its website was hacked, but this "hacking" has all the hallmarks of a coordinated PR stunt.

A review of the source code of the main page that appears at PlannedParenthood.org shows that as of 9:30 a.m. today, the page is listed as a “Campaign” and uses a specific template named “Site Down Tempalte” (the typo is theirs). The same page then directs visitors to the Facebook page of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the political fundraising arm of the nation’s largest abortion provider. The web page for PPAF–which can be accessed via both plannedparenthoodaction.org and ppaction.org–repeats the same hacking claims and contains the exact same source code and template used on the PlannedParenthood.org page.

Once again, a group of anti-abortion activists has attacked Planned Parenthood doctors, nurses, and patients with false accusations. Tell them that you aren’t fooled by the latest smear job. Tell them that you won’t stop fighting for women’s health and rights.
Tell them that you stand with Planned Parenthood. #StandWithPP –> https://secure.ppaction.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=19825  

I donated

You can to, Planned Parenthood is something I can stand by and support.

Hackers Behind Planned Parenthood Breach Accuse Company of Faking Second Attack to ‘Provoke Donations’
Company claims to have been hit by new “hack attack” following Sunday's data breach.

The 3301 hacking group responsible for breaching the website of Planned Parenthood last Sunday has accused the organization of faking a second attack in order to elicit donations from supporters.

“One contradiction was they claimed they were taking down the server to protect its users, but at the same time they added a donation page (on the same server) prompting for credit card payments,” E said. “They took down the main content on the website to only upload a donation page. That would be more dangerous if the site was indeed under attack.”

“All they did was pull the site down briefly, then edit the homepage to say ‘our site is down, donate here.’ Disabling ICMP and changing the header of your site to ‘we’re offline’ doesn’t mean the website is being ddosed. That’s nonsense.”

Other sources including the Federalist have also come to similar conclusions, noting that “even though ppaction.org redirects to a page saying the site was hacked, the domain still house [sic] a perfectly functional URL and page that are being actively used to help build Planned Parenthood’s fundraising list.”

Planned Parenthood

I wanted to reblog someone’s excellent post describing how Planned Parenthood provided affordable healthcare when no one else would and how she experienced harassment from pro-life protesters each time she went (despite not being there for an abortion) and how she was forced to experience first-hand that pro-lifers view women only as a vessel for a baby and not legitimate people unto themselves, but then tumblr was a shitface and I lost the post.

Anyway, here’s the link to a petition telling Congress to keep its patriarchal hands off of PP funding: https://secure.ppaction.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=19825.

Sign it. It’s important.



The link above is for the Senate vote for defunding Planned Parenthood in North Carolina. This would cut federal funding for all types of birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other essential care that Planned Parenthood health centers deliver to patients across the country. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR TEENS THAT HAVE PARENTS THAT WILL NOT LET THEM GET PROTECTION. Planned Parenthood ALLOWS that you do not need a guardian as long as you are 16. My mother wouldn’t let me have it so they are the only reason why I have an IUD for free with Medicaid, the only reason why I was able to get birth control pills at 16.

This could force Planned Parenthood health centers to shut down which would leave millions of women, men, and teens without access to imperative and cheap care.

This vote could happen at any time — so we have to make ourselves heard NOW. Please, take a moment right now to sign this letter to our senators and tell them that this kind of attack on women’s health is completely unacceptable.