full offense but why are y’all sleepin on bob newby?? he was an adorable dork who was so supportive and accepting of joyce and her kids that it literally got him killed. he constantly showed joyce how much he loved her and was always there for her when she was afraid or worried. he made a real effort to connect with her kids and build a healthy relationship with them with zero (0) ulterior motives. he was literally one of the most kindhearted and genuninely good characters in the show and he deserved so much more. why aren’t we all talking about bob newby like wtf.

it’s not tumblr if you haven’t followed at least 1 kpop blog disguised as an aesthetic blog. ur like “wow pretty” and when u least expect it there’s a thousand pictures of “that” guy from “that” group and u just don’t kno why

roxigirlysims  asked:

I think I remember you saying there was going to be an adoption this gen? I might be wrong though 😝 If so, is that still gonna be a thing? Just curious!

When I did my quick run-down for Gen 3, I think I mentioned an adoption! Gen 3 heir will be adopting in some fashion down the road. Sorry for the confusion haha

Veri and Ries……. will probably adopt another furbaby but really don’t need any more babies in their lives after 3-????????? are born.