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• acknowledge the show has gone downhill since his takeover, even if you still enjoy it

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Something I really miss about the RTD Era Doctor Who

The ridiculous names he and the writers gave everything.

about moffat leaving

i’m having mixed reactions to moffat leaving. while it’s going to be a good thing to have chinball (broadchurch, torchwood, and other doctor who ep. he’s done), taking over; PLEASE GIVE MOFFAT LOVE THAT HE DESERVES!

he’s given us 11, amy and rory, river (with a bad ass backstory!), clara, 12, missy, and gallifrey, and the 50th!

and in my personal opinion, two of my ships (11/clara and 12/clara)

while we welcome chinball, please go and thank moffat for the best era we’ve had when russel had handed him the reigns! :D


“More importantly, Colin Morgan is beautiful. You meet him in real life and think, yeah, nice, sweet. But he’s one of those lucky bastards that the camera absolutely loves. All cheekbones and black hair and mmm! He’s a seriously excellent actor, too. Every line, he makes a really interesting choice.”-Dr. Who producer Russel T. Davies, (p. 315) The Writer’s Tale.

I’m thinking about Donna, Martha, Rose, Jack, Sarah Jane and Mickey as a team, and the tagline: ‘ONE OF THEM WILL DIE!’ I’d watch that! Trouble is, I don’t want to kill any of them. Rose Tyler was never created to die. None of them was. They were all created to show off Doctor Who’s central premise: the world and the universe is wonderful, ordinary people can do great things, and the human race survives. At a cost, yes, but a cost to the supporting characters. I mean, really, imagine Martha’s death. Or Donna’s. Or even Jackie’s. It’s just wrong. Tonally, wrong.
—  The Writer’s Tale. by RTD. p73.

Remember back in the mid-late 2000s (and early 2010s) when a frequent and legitimate criticism thrown out against the Russel T. Davies era was how there was a ‘Gay Agenda’ because of all the homosexual or other characters who weren’t straight introduced under his tenure.


1) If anyone said that now they’d be destroyed


2) Fuck those people hard. Fuck them now and fuck them then. Fuck. Them.


Watching this made me tear up…

The Time War arc in this show has been absolutely incredible. It’s rare that any long-running show will cobble together so many writers and actors over the course of a decade to tell such a long-term overarching narrative while also telling the story in such a way that it feels like this was a sort of pay-off for fifty years of the show. That is just… I can’t even comprehend that, ten years is a long time in television.

I don’t think I’d change a single thing about it. It was a genius idea by Russell T Davies when he revived the show to provide more of an emotional dimension to the Doctor’s character, and Moff took it in an absolutely brilliant direction when the torch was passed to him in celebrating the core of what Doctor Who is about.

How did they pull it off? Magic.

After watching Doctor Who, Doomsday.
  • Me: *stares blankly at screen*
  • Me: *denies she's really gone and continues with next episode*
  • Me: *sees Catherine Tate has replaced Billie Piper in opening credits*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *hugs knees and/or any stuffed animal within reach*
  • Me: *rocks back and forth*
  • Me: *proceeds to cry all the liquid out of my body*
  • Me: *places face and hands against wall*
  • Me: *plays Doomsday Theme*
  • Me: *whispers* i am coming for you Davies