pp: addison and jake

Jake: That’s not your job anymore, you know, to, uh, take care of him,to worry about him.
Addison: He’s my friend.
Jake: He’ll be your friend again someday, but right now, he’s mostly just your ex. I mean, you still want a baby, right? I know you needed a break, but has anything changed?
Addison: No. I still want a baby.
Jake: Then right now, Sam is your ex. You try to pretend he’s your friend, and, uh…
Addison: And what? 
Jake: And you hurt worse. I know he’s having a tough time right now, but he has other friends, and…And I would hate to see you hurt worse.

Private Practice Finale

I feel like every show I fall in love with always leaves me with an ending that doesn’t quite cut it for me. Private practice was no exception. I fell in love with this show and its characters hard and fast but it didn’t last long. I stuck with this show til the end purely out of loyalty and the small hope that the show would reclaim its original glory. Truth be told I lost a lot of my initial interest in the show after Nai, fife, and Betsey went off to be a family together. I did, however, still have great expectations for the finale. This show like all ABC shows is a complete roller coaster of plot twists and emotions and for all of the emotions they introduced in the last season not all of the loose ends were tied up and if they were it was in a very forced way/ Don’t get me wrong tho, there were still a lot of things I liked.

Let me explain:

Lets begin by talking about….

The sam and Nai pregnancy thing: okay so this was in my opinion the worst thing they could’ve tried to squeeze into the last two episodes of the show. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been team sam and nai but only early on in the show. Once she left with fife that should’ve been the end of it. It just seemed like sam and nai getting married at the end was forced closure. It seemed like sam was desperate and grasping at the end. Idk maybe that’s just me

 James and Amelia: these two are in fact my favorite couple on the show. However we were given very little time to explore their relationship. I wish they were more prominent, however they felt a little like an after note especially in the finale.

Charlotte and Coop: these two have won my hearts oer many season I wasn’t originally a fan of charlotte but I love the way she grows to love mason and how they become a sweet (unconventional) loving family. This was one of the few things that I think went right in the finale

Addison and jake and henry: I can’t say anything about this pairing. It was beautifully developed and In my opinion the right way to go.

Violet: I’m really glad that they ended up with violet writing a new book but again this seemed like it was rushed and forced closure. I just felt nothing about violet in the last episode and I feel like especially in a farewell episode I should feel something. 

Sheldon and Miranda: a very “fault in our stars” type romance and I loved every minute of it. Im glad to see Sheldon got the girl for once. He was a nice guy and he deserved that. I’m just sad that its going to be a short lived romance.

Last thing I wish had happened was showing some of the old characters again. I wanted to see: Betsey, Fife, Maya, Olivia, Dink. I’m not sure why but I think this would’ve made the episode dearer to my heart.