[ take pride in your pain ]

{ ♔ } -     She’s talking to someone, an unknown person, and it’s undoubtedly someone she’s after, judging by the tone of her voice and the words that come out from her mouth. A warning, more like a threat, is said to her but she simply shakes her head, a smirk curling on her lips. 

          “Good luck on chasing the cat.”

The call is finished; now she has her new target, a new foe to be aware and careful of. Another game of cat and mouse, predator and prey. But she knows that the roles are to be determined yet even if she considers herself the cat. But at least she was able to find out that he was near, close. Probably watching every move she made.

Her objective was a dangerous one; a demon who was responsible for a massacre she glanced upon at the newspaper one day. One look at the article and she knew that it was no ordinary mortal who committed the heinous crime. It was something not of this world and now, after weeks of tracing, she was finally able to unravel the suspect’s identity. And her reckoning was right.

Regarding her surroundings as she regarded every person her eye caught, she began to walk in the direction of a building’s side. Somehow, she was able to pick up an aura that was not any mortal’s and it was by the side of the structure. Kaitlyn pushed past through the multitudes of people as she kept her sunglasses own, not a single word or excuse slipping from her lips.

Within a moment, the brunette managed to reach the location with ease and not a scratch. Brown hues darted here and there, looking for any shadow or movement. And when her orbs caught a shadow in the corner move, she went after it without any hesitation.